What Are the Benefits of Different Types of Curtains?


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Curtains are considered as ‘Essential’s for all homes as these can add a specific personality to your room and portray your individuality. These are most common in most homes as they can block unwanted light entering your home. As there are multiple designs and styles besides colors available in curtains making a choice in accordance to your requirement gets easy. Now you can install some designer curtains with some window blinds because these blinds can easily protect your furniture and window panes from humidity level and harsh climate. Apart from that, when you choose the curtains, you need to consider several factors like color, designs, shapes, shades and the materials of the curtains.


Curtains for your Home

How would you choose the best curtains for your home?

Now you can find several types of curtains available in the market and you need to choose the best one for your home. So you have to choose them according to their color and you must choose the best quality curtains for getting better longevity. In such cases, you can consider some basic factors stated below:

  • Pleated Curtains: These curtains tend to offer a formal look to the total setup. These curtains are convenient for all types of materials. Even in the pinch pleating curtains, you have a choice between the two-finger pinch pleating, three finger pinch pleating and four and five finger pinch pleating. The more the pleats the more fabric is required. These curtains can be either fixed to poles or tracks. If you have large windows or you have some glass partitions in your house then you can use these curtains. It will enhance the look by covering the large size windows.
  • Tailored Pleat Curtains: Similar to the pinch pleats, these curtains have the pleat at the top of the chosen material. This works well for those looking for a curtain with minimum fuss. Materials, which are on the heavier, are perfect for these. Light materials require a lining.
  • Eyelet Curtains: Medium weight or light fabrics are suitable for these eyelet curtains. The rod of these curtains weaves through the rings on the header. Free hanging these curtains work best for the children’s room. These can also work well for the formal spaces as the design tends to be very contemporary.
  • Sheer Curtains: These curtains tend to offer a light feel to any room by offering the privacy required but apt for filtering the light. These are normally used over blinds as secondary curtains. In other words, the blinds or the primary curtain used can be chosen according to the amount of light to be blocked. These can offer a formal look if the pelmet is used to encase the curtain top.

Some Reasons for Opting for Curtains:


Home Curtains

  • Curtains tend to beautify a room to a large extent, adding elegance and class. You have a luxurious feel and look to the space these curtains are hung in.
  • You have a wide choice available in colors, materials, styles and designs of your home curtains. It is easy to choose one in accordance to your requirement and preference.
  • They can make a difference to the temperature of your home and add to the comfort. You find a room tends to get a few degrees cooler during summers with the right choice in curtains.
  • As compared to blinds, it is easier changing curtains. This does not take much time and also does not involve much labor.

Different types of curtains require being hung in a different manner. You need a curtain rod for curtains which have tabs, loops or rings. The cased heading curtains or the box pleated curtains are more on the formal side and require curtain tape running on the track base.


How are Ugg Boots Being Beneficial to the Users?



The tradition of Uggs was born in the early 1900s and since then these are being used in a huge number. People that love surfing mostly prefers Uggs boots to keep their feet warm from the cold currents. You can shop for the product to get absolute comfort while moving around in inhospitable and cold terrains. It would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. In fact, Uggs boots provide an array of advantages that cannot be provided by any other shoe in the market.


All Season Performance:

The shoe is useful for all seasons as it can weather rough usage in many different conditions. If you are going out on trekking, the boots become very useful. Similarly, in snow clad surrounding this is the best footwear to keep your feet warm. It is due to the insulation provided inside out to the users. It is said that the shoes can deliver optimum performance even in -30-degree centigrade. So, the shoes become your all-time weather partner.

Durability Is the Name of The Game:

The boots are durable in spite of being made from the sheepskin. They can last for many years and are of great quality when compared to other types of boots. High-quality materials are used in making the Ugg boots that would last for a very long time. In spite of the higher cost, people buy the product due to amazing strength. Power doesn’t mean that the shoe is heavy as it is light weight. You can feel free as a bird while moving around from one place to another. One should never buy cheap imitations because they might not last for even a single season.


The quality of fitting is extremely important for the users as even slight discomfort caused by the shoe will only give you uncomfortable experience. However, it is important to read the specifications carefully before purchasing the stuff from the online website. Manufacturers have tried to make the boots as a second skin for the legs as they provide impeccable protection from the chilly icy cold.

Availability of Different Styles:

It is a well-known fact that the boots are quite effective; however, protection does not mean that the other features are compromised. Retailers provide numerous options to the users based on their requirements and specifications. There are tall and small boots along with the slipper style versions captivating the imagination of the people.

Protection Against Moisture:

People venturing out in the winter and summer season will get affected by the moisture. It is vital to use the sheepskin option that prevents the intrusion of water vapor. In fact, the insulation helps to keep the skin dry and blocks the spread of infection.

Good Investment Option:

Although the price of the boot is on the higher side, it is bound to last for a very long time. The upward and the bottom section combine together to provide sturdiness to the product. Moreover, the insole and the outsole of Uggs boots are usually of lightweight and can easily balance out the weight of the feet. In order to make the boot long lasting, people should clean the stuff more often than not. The stains can create problems from a long-term perspective.

Ugg BootsUgg Boots

The Uggs Boots are not the shoes of the yore but very comfortable from inside. You can relish the amazing product that is in a class of its own. People on their part need to be careful of the duplicate products that are passed off as genuine versions. They not only provide the best boots but also ensure ironclad guarantee on the same.

Four Smart Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Curb Appeal


Landscaping is an art. When I say this, I am not being poetic or making an overstatement. When you have a garden and you want to beautify it, you need as many landscaping ideas as you can imagine. Smart landscaping has the ability to beautify your lawn and garden and thereby boost the curb appeal of your property. Also, most people have the perception that one needs to break the bank to get a perfect landscaping in their property. But that is not true. If you have great ideas, you can add as much colour, functionality, and texture as much you want and that too within your budget. Before you start brainstorming for landscaping ideas, here are a few basic tips that will help you to get the desired result of landscaping.

Landscaping Chadstone


Tip-1: Plan for A Look That is Maintained all Year Round:

While you are planning to do landscaping, take into consideration the year round weather conditions of the place  you live in. You do not want your garden to  look lush and blooming in spring and then go barren for the rest of the year. So, it is advisable that you choose evergreen shrubs and plants that bloom all year long. You can also choose blooming flowers that bloom in various seasons and get a different look every 4 months due to different flowers. A green landscape gives a pleasing curb appeal all year round.

Tip-2: Make a List of Things Necessarily Needed in Your Landscaping:

Every property has varying landscaping requirements like a house would need a separate space for relaxation and even a play space for kids. Some may want to set up garden chairs and some may want a barbeque set-up. Decide whether you would be growing vegetables. Decide all the features beforehand so that you get a clear idea of what your needs are. This will enable you to get better ideas and thus you can get  a perfect vision of your landscaping goals. You can also create a rough map deciding the locations of all the small as well as large features.

Tip-3: Focus on Locating the Patio Position First:

This is the first and the foremost decision to take – Where will the patio shade be placed? Study the wind and the sun pattern around your property for that. For example, if you place the patio on the west side of the house, it would get extremely hot in the afternoon and that would make the patio far from relaxing during summer afternoons. Also, if you place the patio in the direction of the wind, you would spend half of your relaxing patio times in reigniting the fire pit. So, ensure that you take these things into consideration before finalising the patio location and only then start with the landscaping project.



Tip-4: Pick a Suitable Focal Point:

An appealing landscaping design is the one which is has a defined focal point. So, pick a focal point and start planning around it. Also, picking a focal point and working around it makes it easier to plan and design. There cannot be a precise appeal without a well-defined focal point. Many homeowners create a circular point with a tree and flowery shrubs surrounding it. Same even install a statue or a fountain. Also, focus on the spacing and scale. Spacing is vital in landscaping. No matter of beautifying instalments can cover up improper spacing.

After all these tips, keep in mind that you need to be open to change. Unless you open up your mind and explore various aspects of landscaping, you may not succeed in getting the desired curb appeal.

Hiring a Locksmith – Steps to Know



A person who is adept at working with the keys and locks is called a locksmith. The profession carried out by locksmiths is called locksmithing. Usually, a good locksmith can fix locks that are broken. Also, he holds an extraordinary ability to install an alarm system to the houses and make duplicate keys. In almost every country, locksmiths follow a certain set of stringent rules. In few countries, locksmiths usually start off as apprentices and then are required to gain an educational degree certificate from a university or college.

Other than replacing or opening locks, there are many other types of services offered by a locksmith. Also, it takes several years for a locksmith to become an expert in this profession. Usually, a locksmith works out of a mobile service shop, receive customer calls, and travel to the site of the customer. They can help customers to unlock jammed locks, replace locks when the user loses the keys, or the keys are broken. Usually, an expert locksmith can easily enter into complicated safes and have deep knowledge of many commercial and domestic security systems.


An experienced locksmith works with euro cylinders for various kinds of uPVC door locks, Mortice locks, and Chubb locks for all sorts of wooden doors. The other areas that locksmiths work on include auto locksmithing and access controls. However, these areas require specialized training for the locksmiths to work on them.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Locksmith

During emergencies related to locks, locksmiths are a boon. They can handle any issue that is related to locks. However, there are certain factors that one should consider before hiring the right locksmith. Some of these factors include-

  • Reliability: This is probably the most important factor that is considered when hiring a locksmith. This is true especially when the user has moved to a new house or apartment and is looking to replace the locks. The owner will think twice before hiring someone with a questionable reliability factor. Hence, it is ubiquitous to find house owners hire locksmiths from reputed agencies.
  • Availability: The second most important factor is the availability of the locksmith. Most of the times, lock emergencies occur at the oddest times of the day. Hence, the locksmith should be readily available when the user faces the problem. This is one reason why a user always calls a locksmith who is close to his/her house. It ensures that a locksmith need not travel too far to reach the customer.
  • Budget: Sometimes it is good for the customer to prepare a budget and stick to it when it comes to hiring a locksmith. Some people go overboard on attaching importance to the price of the services. Sometimes focusing only on low prices will result in substandard work because there are many fake locksmiths in the market who charge very less when compared to the other well-qualified locksmiths.

Locksmith Surrey HillsLocksmith Service

All the factors mentioned above are the experiences and suggestions made by experts. However, the list of factors above cannot guarantee a fool-proof process when it comes to hiring a reliable locksmith. Sometimes the user should go with his/her intuition. It works!.

Almost every locksmith should be able to tackle any kind of problem related to locks. However, it is better for the users to maintain additional duplicate copies of the keys for future emergencies. If the house was burgled in the past, the locksmith should suggest an installation of extra locks in the house. Also, some experts recommend that the entire set of locks should be changed in the case of robbery in the past.

All You Need to Know About Servicing Your Volkswagen


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Many people consider car maintenance and servicing as dreadful task and put it off too long. This will obviously result in more and more issues in the future. So take better care of your Volkswagen from now inwards. Whether your car is acting abnormal or not, regular servicing is important for your Volkswagen. Maintaining your car means having skilled professionals look under the hood. The Volkswagen service Centre offer seve+ral quality routine services, from oil changes to tire rotation to part replacement.

Volkswagen ServiceVolkswagen Service

Frequent servicing is more important, especially if your car is ageing. Regular maintenance ensures steady performance and overall efficiency of your car. However, the quality of the care that you get might not be the same if you opt for local garages. Hence, it is better to choose authorized Volkswagen service center for your car maintenance needs. Overall, maintenance is the key to enjoy best driving experience and you cannot compromise with it. Apart from this, there are some other benefits of servicing your Volkswagen regularly, let’s discuss one by one briefly.

Importance of Regular Volkswagen Service

  • Maintain Efficiency: Timely maintenance and servicing make sure that each and every part of your Volkswagen is functioning efficiently. For example, engine oil should be changed every 7K-10K miles, you can refer user manual to check when oil change is recommended for your model. Oil change helps your car’s engine run smoothly. Tire rotation is another thing that comes under regular servicing. Ideally, tire rotation should be done each time when you get engine oil changed.
  • Detect Issues Soon: This is one of the best things about frequent Volkswagen service. You can detect potential issues before they lead to major problems. As with every other cars, smaller issues related to your Volkswagen can get worse with time and may need part replacement; this will make the repairs more costly. Fortunately, whenever you get your Volkswagen to an authorized service Centre, trained technicians will perform thorough inspection and make sure that everything is working as expected. Overall, regular maintenance not only gives you a peace of mind but also saves money.
  • Preserve Resale Value: Since everyone is aware of how regular Volkswagen service, help maintain your car’s efficiency it also preserves resale value. If you can provide evidence that you haven’t missed your Volkswagen’s service schedule, then you can raise the value of your Volkswagen significantly. This will benefit both you and buyer, as well. Buyers can have peace of mind since the car they’re buying was well cared for and there’s only minimal risk of components breaking down.

Volkswagen Service MelbourneVolkswagen Service

Tips for Choosing the Right Volkswagen Service Centre

After you visit any Volkswagen service Centre, you must leave your car in the hands of professionals. They will inspect your car and detect faults if any. This can be related to engine, brakes, clutch, tyre, gearbox, headlight, or overall performance of your car. Hence, it is crucial to choose authorized service Centre and certified professionals who can diagnose the issues and solve it quickly and effectively. Now, we will see how to choose the right service Centre for your Volkswagen.

  • Make sure the service Centre is authorized before you decide to avail the service.
  • Check if manufacturer certifies the mechanics. Ensure that they are experienced, well-trained, skilled to handle latest equipment and all kinds of issues.
  • You can read online reviews or ask your friends or family who own Volkswagen. They may suggest service Centre based on their experience and the quality of service that they’re offered with.

Overall, it is necessary to choose an authorized Volkswagen service centre to avail the complete benefit for your money.

How to Find the Best Furniture Stores to Meet the Shopping Needs?


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Homeowners look forward to renovating their rooms in style and the furniture plays an important role to accomplish the task. Generally, they shop online or offline to find the stuff suiting the rooms. In fact, almost all the vendors claim to provide the best options both in terms of style and durability. Customers should not get swayed by the flashy advertisements but make sure that the furniture they are buying imbibes quality.


Furniture Stores

Big box stores are unique:

If you do not know where to find the right type of furniture store, it is important to identify the places offering affordable products to the customers. To start with, big box options provide the best results to the users. One of the most important aspects of such stores is that they carry a lot of stuff for homes such as broom, paint or groceries. In addition, the stores also stock varieties of furniture according to the requirements and specifications of the clients.

Internet search:

Now you don’t need to travel for shopping because there are e-stores. All you have to do is log into the search engine and search the same in the local areas. The information is provided along with the feedback so that the users can take a sensible decision. By using the e-commerce portal, you can do shopping without leaving the confines of home. It is a wonderful option to get the best results without incurring input cost.

The cost of the product on the online website is bound to be lower because retailers do not need to maintain their own inventory systems. One of the most important benefits of visiting the furniture portals is that they provide huge discounts to the users.

Search reviews on an internet forum:

It is vital to visit the user forums to read the reviews about the furniture store. They are essential to analyze the quality of the product, shipment duration and after sales maintenance. It will go a long way to buy goods that will last a long time. Talking to other customers is bound to provide you with a huge amount of knowledge to get the desired results.

Thrift stores are quite popular:

Wooden furniture has been around for a really long time. One of the best ways to lower the cost is to find the antique furniture available at the thrift stores. While purchasing the upholstered varieties, make sure that it is not worn and torn.


Furniture Shop

Nothing can beat the traditional store:

You should never forget the conventional mode of shopping as one can analyze the quality of the furniture in person. Visit a reputed store that located near to the home in order to not only get a quality product but also to minimize the transportation cost. It carries different brands for the users so that they can select any one of them according to the preferences.

Manufacturer based stores:

Some stores are manufacturer captive versions that go a long way in delivering impeccable results to the users. Although varieties seem to be limited, such stores operate on the principle of reliability and trust built over the years. They provide exemplary customer support and cater to the demands of the users who value associative and durability over everything else.

While shopping for a bed, cabinets and recliners do not hurry but conduct extensive research to accomplish the task or else you might end up wasting lots of money for shoddy goods. In short, take a deep breath, consult online and offline experts on furniture before zeroing in on the best possible option.

Why Colorbond Steel Gutters Offers the Best Rain Water Drainage Management?



Colorbond steel gutters have made gutter installation and maintenance easier than ever. There are great reasons for you to choose Colorbond steel over other gutter materials like aluminum, copper, plastic, cast iron and vinyl. Here are the main reasons that make this material apt for gutters and downspouts.

High Environmental Resistance

  • Environment and climate are the prime factors when you are choosing a gutter material and design. The material should be able to withstand the weather in your place. While plastic and vinyl may succumb to cold weather after a few years, and copper may lose its color with exposure to humidity and sunshine after a few months, colorbond steel won’t. Neither would it rust, nor would it lose its color, and also it won’t be affected by temperature.
  • The use of galvanized steel has been popular for decades already for the non-corrosive treatment the steel gets, and the way it sustains the water and air corrosion. But this technology is far beyond galvanizing. Such corrosion resistant layers are patented over the steel surface, that neither water, nor the heat and cold, and not even the sun’s glare can damage it with time. It can sustain while bracing all the nature’s elements, as the ideal gutter is supposed to do.


What are the Benefits of Colorbond Steel Gutters?

#1. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of steel gutters is way easier than materials like copper and plastic which may easily get corroded and receives scratches. The Colorbond gutters are much high quality. Therefore, whether you wash and clean them frequently or seldom, they won’t be affected. Frequent cleaning won’t corrode, or abrade the surface, and again very seldom cleaning also won’t let the leaf mulch, and soil debris or mildew to affect the metal surface.

#2. Easy to Match with Building Color and Roof 

Colorbond steel is famous not just for the high quality, durability and corrosion resistance, but for the finish and styling too. The aesthetics of the house or property is questioned when you install a gutter which does not match with the roofing, and also with the wall paint or tile colors. But with colorbond gutters it’s not the case. You can matchup the color with the property exteriors easily, as you get a nice brochure to choose colors from. The steel is cured with shades that would go with many combinations, and the most commonly used color patterns are replicated in steel finish.

Colorbond GutteringColorbond Guttering

#3. Great ROI

Return on Investment is one of the main reasons you would take interest in colorbond steel. Definitely you would not like to install a gutter, which will bring on added expenses, or recurring expenses with it every few months or years. Expenses like maintenance and cleaning is okay, as this is the rule of the thumb to keep the gutter is great condition and working. But you can avoid fading of colors, discoloration, loose and leaking joints, premature repairs of cracks etc, growth of molds and mildew on places in case you are late with the cleaning regimen and many such problems, when you use high quality colorbond gutters for rain water drainage management in your property.

#4. Made to Handle Extremes

The colorbond steel gutters and downspouts are made to handle temperature extremes.  The steel can handle high sunshine too. This can withstand humidity, snow, and rain at extremes too. The colorbond guttering are made to handle extremes of all sorts. All you have to ensure you clean the mulch and soil, twigs etc from it often, so that the gutter does not sag under the pressure of the accumulated dirt, and loosen from joints.

Well cleaned colorbond steel gutters need nothing else to go on and on while keeping the aesthetics of the property intact.

Finding the Best Steel Suppliers for Your Project


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Steel has always been in trend whether it is for the residential purposes or the commercial one. This is the reason why there are numerous options in steel differing in quality as well as the variety. There are also a lot of suppliers of steel in and around the place thus confusing the buyers to a large extent. Picking the right steel supplier is not easy as you will need to check the quality of products they offer, whether they specialize in commercial steel or the residential one, going through the reviews of the customers whether they are worth relying on or not etc. Thus, you can say that there are so many things to ponder over before you finally decide to hire a steel supplier for yourself.

But nevertheless, you can always keep a few tips in mind so that you end up making the right choice. So here are some points to consider for the same.


Stainless Steel Supply

A variety of products available

When you choose the steel suppliers you need to have a look at the range of products sold by them so that you have enough options to choose from. You will surely not want to run from one shop to the other but try to get everything at one place. Hence, it will be good if you hire someone who offers a wide range of products that you will need for your home. In this way, you are able to save a lot of time and money which is definitely an added advantage for the buyers.

The cost of the products

Though everyone has their own budget, still if the prices are reasonable there are high chances that many people will opt for it. So it becomes all the more necessary to inquire about the prices of the different products and then decide whether you should go for the supplier or not. A comparison of the rates can definitely help you in this concern thus making the right decision.

Quality comes first

When buying the steel products from the suppliers, it is very important to maintain a top notch quality. If the quality is good, you can rest assured that durability will be there. So make sure that you do not compromise the quality even if you have to pay a little more do go for the quality products only. Investing in your home is a one-time affair and you will want the best to come your way.


Steel Suppliers

Choose reputed suppliers

No matter what your requirements are, you will need to go or a reputed supplier only. For this, you can take the help of your friends or someone who has got similar work done for their home. The professionals are experienced and so can recommend you better options and their reviews can help you in taking the right decision. So it will be good if you find someone who is worth relying on as their services can make a big difference to the entire project.


Make sure that the vendor with whom you connect experiences and have been in this field for a long time. It is because they will have enough knowledge about the latest trends and will be able to guide you on the right path. The steel suppliers not only assist you in the project but they will also help you with various other options as well. So you can utilize their experience and the expertise to the fullest thus ending up with a reliable supplier for your home construction.

If you keep the above aspects in mind, you will definitely be able to find a genuine and trustworthy steel supplier who understands your needs and accomplishes the purpose well.

What are the Benefits of New Off Road Caravans?


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If you want to travel to some scenic remote areas or to some countryside villages then caravan is the only way to reach. You can find many types of caravans and in different size and features. New off road caravans are designed according to the latest suspension technologies which provide you the best in class riding experience and you can get smooth driving throughout your journey. You may find some harsh climatic changes in countryside villages and there the road conditions may not be great. You can rely on your new off road caravan and drive it to reach anyplace without any trouble.

Benefits of Off Road Caravans:

  • Travel: if you love to explore some new places then you must own a caravan because you can reach some crowd free area with your caravan at any time. City life is very hectic and crowded and it is very difficult to find a place where you can live some days peacefully. Now you can find an off-beat place where no hotels, restaurants and clubs are there and you can spend your spare time with family, without any disturbance.


  • Second home: new off road caravans are just like your second home and you can accommodate all your gadgets and appliances in this caravan. Apart from that, almost all caravans are designed with separate bedrooms, drawing room, kitchen area, wash basin and bathrooms. Along with that, all of them have solar panel for electricity and you can easily use your kitchen appliances, televisions and music systems inside the caravan. So, explore some new areas and bring your house on wheel – caravan.
  • Cost saving camping: What better than parking caravan at designated places at a minimum cost? Else you would spend a fortune on accommodation.  Plus, there are some national parks and camping areas which provide you with an extended time period. During the festive seasons, it is very difficult to find hotels and you need to pay double-booking amount also. To avoid this condition, you can simply purchase a new off road caravan and stay inside the caravan.
  • Towing: off road caravans are designed with sharpened navigation and towing system and these can prevent any type of humps also. You can also drive this caravan over the riverbanks without any bottoming out.
  • Additional facilities: apart from that, off road caravans provide you with many facilities such as large size water tank, long chargeable battery, large gas cylinder, additional storage system and latest communication systems.

off-road-caravanOff Road Caravan

How to purchase an off road caravan?

There are various companies and designers available who provide off road caravan at cheaper price. Some of them also deal with resale caravans at an affordable price range. Although it is better to purchase new ones, you can explore resale options if the caravan is in an impeccable condition or if someone reliable you know is selling his caravan. Purchasing a caravan is a big investment and you need to consider few things while you buy it. You have to verify the manufacturer license and then you have to check their previous work also. You can also go for the customized caravans for your convenience and you must compare the price range of different company caravans.

You can avail a vehicle loan if you are interested in buying a caravan and if you feel it is outside your budget. Before you are off on your vacation ensure you check the government rules and regulations of caravan parking. You also need to read the insurance papers of your caravan carefully. You must consult with the manufacturer and they will assist you. Go on! Drive your caravan and explore some new destinations.

What You Need to Know About Wood Fireplaces


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There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a wood burning fireplace to add ambience and comfort to your home. If you love the image of cosying up to a warm wood fireplace with a cup of tea in hand, make sure you’re also able to handle the maintenance that comes with it. By maintaining your fireplace properly, you get to enjoy all the benefits of warmth and a romantic atmosphere while remaining safe and environmentally conscious.

#1. You Need a Good Stock of Dry Wood, and Somewhere to Store It

A wood burning fireplace, unsurprisingly, requires wood in order to operate. For this, you need to have ample storage for your wood, and need to be able to keep it clean and dry. This is more achievable if you live in a rural area and have access to cheap or free sustainably sourced wood. Timber and certain types of gum trees make for great fuel sources.

wood fireplaceWood Fireplace

You might be tempted to burn scrap wood, old furniture or even last year’s Christmas tree, but bear in mind that these might have been treated with all sorts of chemicals, meaning it could emit toxic fumes if set alight.

Clean and dry storage is needed for your firewood, as it needs to be “seasoned” (dried for 6-12 months) before use. Unseasoned wood will burn slowly and produce excessive smoke, which is harmful for your health and can clog up your chimney. With a bit of planning, however, you can make sure you always have plenty of wood on hand to fuel your fireplace. for the sake of convenience, you can always buy prepared wood from a logger. However, those wanting a truly homely ambience often enjoy the process of preparing their own wood, as putting hard work into something makes the end result that much more enjoyable. If you are already fairly skilled at working with your hands and power tools, consider cutting and splitting your own wood.

#2. Safety is a Top Priority

As with all heating methods, safety is an important thing you have to consider. When it comes to wood fireplaces, it’s crucial to clean out your chimney every year. Better yet, call in a professional to inspect your chimney and ensure everything is clear. If there are blockages in your chimney (commonly creosote, the build-up of vapour and tar condense), the risk of a fire taking place is dramatically increased. Also, if ventilation is blocked, carbon monoxide will begin to build up, which is known to be a silent killer. In fact, getting a carbon monoxide detector is recommended for all homes with a combustion appliance.

Also remember the area surrounding your chimney on the roof. Check every now and then to ensure no stray debris is blocking the chute. Installing a chimney cap will ensure that debris and animals stay away from the entrance.

Finally, never leave your fireplace unattended. Whether you’re going to bed or heading out of the home, always put out the fire first. This means that you might still need a portable heater for your bedroom that doesn’t need supervision.

#3. Getting the Fire Going

Of course, the key part of a wood fireplace is actually getting the fire going. However, this is not as simple as simply throwing some wood into the hearth and setting it alight. For the best fire, lay the kindling wood (the thinner, drier pieces of firewood) lengthwise across the grate. Then take two large logs and lay them perpendicular to the kindling, and finally, place other firewood lengthwise to finish off the stack. Then, hold a lit newspaper into the flue to warm up the chimney, before lighting the kindling. Voila, you’ve got a fire going now!

Wood Burning FireplaceWood Burning Fireplace

#4. Cutting Tools

If taking care of your own wood cutting and splitting, always be cautious when handling chainsaws or other cutting tools. If it can take down a tree, it can also cause significant damage to you. Wear steel-toed boots, safety glasses and a hard hat, and always treat the equipment with respect.

All of the above might seem intimidating if you’ve been considering a wood burning fireplace, but don’t be put off. With adequate preparation and installation from a professional, you can reap all the benefits of a statement fireplace in your home while minimising the risks. Enjoying time with your family or having drinks with your friends is made so much better with the heat from a wood fireplace radiating throughout the room.

Ready to invest in a beautiful fireplace? Browse the web for inspirational designs to fit every kind of home.