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A craftsman is known for the skills he posses, at the same time he should also have the latest tools that help make his job easy. Of all the tools, a Nail gun without a doubt is an important addition to your collection of tools. A simple hammer can also perform a similar job, but the accuracy and results achieved with a cordless nail gun make them an impeccable choice. If you are still confused with the idea of buying nail guns or not and are not sure about the difference that they are able to create then this article is just for you!


Cordless Tool

A cordless gun comes in multiple varieties namely:

  • Brad Nailers
  • Coil Nailers
  • Finishing Nailers
  • Headless Pinners
  • Staplers and many more.

It reveals some of the finest benefits of using a nail gun and what apparently makes them a must-have in every toolkit.

Top 6 Amazing Qualities of a Cordless Nail Gun

There are many features of a cordless nail gun, but here are the top six amongst them that will help you realize its importance.

#1. Accuracy: As mentioned earlier, nail guns are quite accurate and this is primarily due to their outstanding speed. When nails are hammed by hand then you are likely to miss the target at times and this leads to crocked nails, however, that will never be the case when you use a nail gun for the purpose. The nail gun is often placed precisely at the tip of the nail and the user only has to hold it in a right angle for seamless operation.

#2. Saves A Lot of Time: Another amazing aspect of the nail gun is that it can save a lot of time. Now, experienced professionals might be capable of hammering nails at a faster pace, yet they won’t be able to compete with the fineness of a nail gun. On an average, a nail gun is able to drive about three nails in total time taken for hammering one.

#3. Power: The power of a cordless nail gun is an added benefit too. They tend to drive the nails using uniform pressure, but this cannot be guaranteed when you are hammering the nail. It might take about three to four hammers to drive a nail, but the same task can be accomplished is a simple push. The accuracy and enhanced power are other reasons that help in the quick and effective job.

#4. Improved Craftsmanship: Greater efficiency, superior accuracy and power enable incredible craftsmanship. When you work in a professional environment, the improved quality and efficiency mean the job is performed faster and this keeps the clients satisfied too. While homeowners can utilize cordless nail gun for touch-ups or repairs too.


Nail Gun

#5. Safety: People often believe that nail guns may not be safe to drive nails, but that will never be the case when you use cordless models. This is because they come up with an additional layer of safety and ensure that you are able to make use of them at an extreme ease and that too without any sort of complications.

#6. Convenience: The convenience that you get with a cordless nail gun is another advantage that should never be overlooked. Over time, dealing with many nails at one can become a cumbersome process, but with nail guns, you will be able to manage a bucket of nails in a few minutes.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Nail Gun?

 The advantages of high-quality nail guns can only be experienced when you choose the right one. For this, you must focus on the:

  • Brand of the cordless nail gun
  • Supplier (experience, the range of products, services)
  • Features
  • Price

When sure about the aforementioned aspects, make your move towards the nail gun that you always aspired to have. After all, they are a smart investment that would truly enhance the tool collection of professionals and homeowners too.