A roller shutter or a roller door is a solution to a sound sleep at night. Knowing that your home is safeguarded by a shutter, your mind is free of tensions and hence a peaceful sleep. Along with protecting your house from wind and rain, these roller shutters also help avoid theft, robbery, break in and other felonious activities. Most of these roller shutters are made with aluminium and rough metals. They are durable and long lasting. Intruders cannot able to break these shutters and you can keep your property safe and secure with these roller shutters.


Roller Shutters

Why Would You Use the Roller Shutters?

Application of a roller shutter can either be on a door or a window. They have been used for ages for both personal and commercial purposes. They are mostly made up of polymers like PVC and metals like steel and aluminium. The inexpensive wooden shutters are not so popular these days. These can either be manually or electronically operated. They are custom made as per the requirements of the customer.

To select the best roller shutter for your home, knowledge of the materials it is made from is essential. While wooden shutters are affordable and authentic, PVC is more springy and weather resistant. Steel, on the other hand, is strong and stable and aluminium is lightweight and can be molded easily. Apart from that, these roller shutters can provide you utmost privacy and security measurements. These shutters can also keep your rooms cool during summer and reduce your power consumption bill. Similarly, these shutters can block the cool breeze during winter and keep your rooms warm. So you do not need to run your air conditioner or room heater all the time, and you can save your electricity bill by installing these shutters.

Installing A Roller Shutter

Safeguarding your home with roller shutter not only prevent acts of vandalism but also shields your home from extreme weather conditions. To get on installed on your door or a window, follow the steps mentioned below:


Home Roller Shutter

  • Look for an expert handyman who has roller shutter installation experience.
  • Get him to measure the openings that need roller shutters. These measurements must be accurate as they are the foundation for a custom made shutter that meets your demands.
  • If your doors and windows have a shape different from the standard designs, the experienced shutter installer will be able to guide you to overcome such an obstacle.
  • Select a design that you want taking into account the construction of your home and the color of the surrounding walls.
  • Once the design is frozen, material can be selected accordingly.
  • Now the next major thing to consider is the mode of operation. Depending on your desires, the shutter can either be manually operated or electrically operated. Manually operated roller shutter will have an easy grab handle and the electrically operated shutter will use batteries and remote controls. An electrician will have to lend a hand for electrical shutter.

Maintaining A Roller Shutter

It is important to maintain a roller shutter as it helps increase its life. The maintenance of roller shutters is inexpensive. Regular checking will guarantee a good working condition.  Here is all you need to do to maintain a roller shutter:

  • Regular cleaning activities need to be carried out to avoid the jamming of the shutter because of rubbles that get stuck in the rollers.
  • Lubrication of moving parts should be done every month.
  • Silicon spray can be used to give a slippery finish which helps the doors slide smoothly.

Installing and maintaining a roller shutter is easy and inexpensive and must be installed in areas where security and bad weather are a major concern.