People while going on a vacation or business trip tend to park the car at the airport till they arrive. In such cases, passengers must pay parking charges. However, with rising charges, the cost of parking is also shooting up. In such a situation, airport long term parking can provide an impeccable solution to the users.

Airport Parking

Airport Parking

#1. Amazing Options:

Generally, airports have multiple car parking options available to the users. They can accommodate a large number of cars and SUVs in an easy and hassle-free manner. Commercial operators also provide service to the clients. Prior to selecting the parking, you should evaluate the performance of each space based on certain parameters. Delay in parking and taking out the vehicle can have a huge impact on the final decision. 

#2. Timing:

If you want to park the car for more than 7 days, it is vital to find the space for long-term usage. In some cases, if you are a frequent flyer, it is better to book space on monthly basis. Generally, long term parking is located far away from the airport as it costs less to the customers. They are either situated in the same land or are in a separate area that is nearer to the city.

Booking in advance is essential because you may get the space at a highly discounted price. Unlike the short term parking, there are no height restrictions for long-term versions. You should also check whether special arrangements for cycles, scooters and motorcycles are provided for the users. It goes a long way in zeroing in the best possible solution. 

#3. Find the Online Deals:

If you are not aware of the parking rates, log on to the internet to gain detailed information. Some people may like to go for the cheapest alternative however it could be a huge mistake. For instance, if the car parking does not guarantee the safety and security of the vehicle, the whole exercise may prove futile.

A handy option for the customers is to visit the internet forum and find out about the customer service available in the parking lot. Users can provide detailed information that would help you to take the correct decision. 

#4. Shuttle Service:

Since you are seeking long term association, it is vital to find the shuttle service from the parking lot. In fact, on arrival, the customers can travel to the airport on the bus. The total commuting time should be not more than 5 minutes from the departure or arrival gate.

Airport Car Parking

Airport Car Parking

Security is another issue that must be taken care off. Apart from installing the parking management system, space should be equipped with closed-circuit TV cameras to keep a tap on unwanted intrusions. Hawkeyes should be installed at different locations in order to catch the intruders red handed.

With all the security measures in place, the customers will have peace of mind while boarding the plane. The cars would be secured from the intruders and the chances of theft are zero. 

#5. Amenities:

Some of the amenities include battery charge, repairing of the tires and even free newspapers. In addition, VIP service is also available to the users according to their requirements and specifications. There are also points to be won at the long term parking; therefore you may get good discounts on next booking.

Before zeroing in on the parking space, conduct detailed research on the internet. It should be fenced from all sides to prevent the entry of unauthorized people. In short, if you leave a car at the reputed marketing space, it would not get damaged like in other cheap parking lots.