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What would happen to your production facilities if the maximum quantities of your raw materials are inhibited by deadly pests like rodents, moths, termites etc.? Your store which houses most of the inventories can be attacked by these unwanted guests. The total supply chain methods will be hampered and you will need a pest control to control these situations. This process of pest control is known as fumigation. It’s a very much complex process done by fumigation service providers.  These services can easily control the germs and they can help you to live healthy in your home.

How are Fumigation Services Done?

Fumigation is simply enclosing your afflicted areas with a tarp and then spraying the fumigations. All the inhabited places, be it wooden or concrete portion is sprayed with vikane. The licensed fumigator removes all possible things i.e. all the raw materials bags, any drugs, plants from the site, and closes all the enclosures so that the whole room can be efficiently fumigated. Warning signals are stationed at certain movement locations and the fans are positioned at the perfect place so that the whole room can be ventilated.

After sealing all exterior points and preparing the interior, vikane is sprayed or injected into the affected joints. After certain time gaps, the licensed fumigator will aerate the fumigants from the interior with the help of outlet ventilators. A typical gas monitoring equipment will prove that there are no further poisonous fumigants in the treated area. Then the warning signal boards are removed and the authorities are informed that the place is good for work. Even they can also make some small whole on the ground and pour some chemical into these wholes to kill the insects from the underground level. Then they will fill up these gaps with some solution and save your building structure from these insects.

container-fumigationContainer Fumigation

What Should Be Checked Before Hiring a Fumigation Service Company?

How many years are they in the field?

Always do check the company profile before you hire any fumigation service providers. There are lots in the market who claim to be the best service giver but it’s your choice whom to choose. Always look for the number of years the company is in service. The total number of projects they have handled and also the client’s list. If there are any positive reviews from any big reputed company about the service provider then you can proceed with confidence. Another positive outcome of taking the help of a pioneer in this field is that they are familiar with all the modern methods in this field.

Interview the Company

Ask before you hire any of these fumigation service providers certain questions which are bothering you. What types of machinery they are bringing in, the technology they are using, the hazardous chemicals which are to be used etc. You should interview them with possible queries and those service providers who are very good at answering your all queries should be chosen.

Have All Data in Your Hand

The fumigation company should inform every detail of their schedules to you. What type of chemicals they are using, how expert they are in their work, what precautions to be taken before and after pest control, all these things should be intimated to the client. They should be very much punctual at their work and don’t make a delay of the process because in business time is money.

If your business establishments need any pest control services then the best will be aqis fumigation providers which are certified companies by Australian quarantine and inspection service. They are the best and you can simply rely on them.