However, window blinds are designed in a way that they stand sturdy and even withstand wear and tear in the long run. Nevertheless, there are instances where due to some mishap or accident these blinds might break or develop cracks. The most common types of damages include chipped slats, loose cords, stained fabrics or fallen slats. These blind damages do not call for professional repairs. Hence, homeowners can do these repairs themselves. You need not hire a professional for repairing these minor faults and damages in the blinds.

Besides, calling a professional for blind repairs may prove to be an expensive affair, whereas, repairing them on your own can be an affordable and cost effective means. Nevertheless, these blinds require repairs to get them back in shape and restore its value.

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Blind Repairs

Here are Some Tips of Blind Repairs as Per the Blind Types

  1. Vertical Blinds- In these blinds the repair task is carried on by replacing the existing vanes including chains and weights. If rails are defective, only changing them will repair the whole blind. Besides, repairing also includes re-stitching the vanes or replacing chains and weights, if damaged.
  2. Horizontal Blinds- If the slats are damaged pull out the old ones and install the new ones. Moreover, in order to repair blinds, replacement of cords can be done if they are damaged. However, restringing is enough to keep them in appropriate condition. Moreover, you can make changes accordingly as per the damage and making a little bit of changes are needed to do the repair.
  3. Roller Blinds- Well, to cut down the labor cost, the homeowners can do this type of window treatment as there are many ways to fix the blinds, such as cut-down method in which you need to reduce the width of the existing blind to remove the distorted portion. You can even try re-do finish in which the bottom portion is changed for aesthetics. Another way is by recovery; in this only fabric is changed but the roller set remains the same. Re-braid is another form in which braids are replaced or re-glued. Whereas, in reversal method alteration of fabric is done on the basis of size and length. On the other hand, some parts might need replacement such as acorns, springs, ball tassels, brackets, sidewinders so on and so forth.
  4. Wood and Metal Venetian Blinds- In order to repair these blinds worn out or broken ladder chords need replacement. Other than this, replacement of broken slats, reducing the width and drop, replacement of damaged parts including cord lock or tilt gear will also do the most of the repairing. On the other hand, to get the overall enhancement of the damaged or distorted blinds one can use creativity in order to change the look by repairing the blinds in the best possible manner.

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Apart from this, if the fabric of your blind is stained, you can easily remove it from the window and even it is the toughest stain you can make use of baking soda to remove it. Moreover, it removes the stain without damaging the color of the fabric. Besides, if it is normal stain then you can simply use soap and water to get rid of it. You can also use lukewarm water for fast cleaning of the stains.

On the other hand, if you keep up the blinds, do proper maintenance, regularly do dusting, and take proper care of your blinds, then it might not face maximum damage. Hence, you can fix these minor glitches on your own without calling the professionals for the same. Nevertheless, if the damage is out of your control immediately consult the professionals, as they will repair it to the perfection.