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Curtains are considered as ‘Essential’s for all homes as these can add a specific personality to your room and portray your individuality. These are most common in most homes as they can block unwanted light entering your home. As there are multiple designs and styles besides colors available in curtains making a choice in accordance to your requirement gets easy. Now you can install some designer curtains with some window blinds because these blinds can easily protect your furniture and window panes from humidity level and harsh climate. Apart from that, when you choose the curtains, you need to consider several factors like color, designs, shapes, shades and the materials of the curtains.


Curtains for your Home

How would you choose the best curtains for your home?

Now you can find several types of curtains available in the market and you need to choose the best one for your home. So you have to choose them according to their color and you must choose the best quality curtains for getting better longevity. In such cases, you can consider some basic factors stated below:

  • Pleated Curtains: These curtains tend to offer a formal look to the total setup. These curtains are convenient for all types of materials. Even in the pinch pleating curtains, you have a choice between the two-finger pinch pleating, three finger pinch pleating and four and five finger pinch pleating. The more the pleats the more fabric is required. These curtains can be either fixed to poles or tracks. If you have large windows or you have some glass partitions in your house then you can use these curtains. It will enhance the look by covering the large size windows.
  • Tailored Pleat Curtains: Similar to the pinch pleats, these curtains have the pleat at the top of the chosen material. This works well for those looking for a curtain with minimum fuss. Materials, which are on the heavier, are perfect for these. Light materials require a lining.
  • Eyelet Curtains: Medium weight or light fabrics are suitable for these eyelet curtains. The rod of these curtains weaves through the rings on the header. Free hanging these curtains work best for the children’s room. These can also work well for the formal spaces as the design tends to be very contemporary.
  • Sheer Curtains: These curtains tend to offer a light feel to any room by offering the privacy required but apt for filtering the light. These are normally used over blinds as secondary curtains. In other words, the blinds or the primary curtain used can be chosen according to the amount of light to be blocked. These can offer a formal look if the pelmet is used to encase the curtain top.

Some Reasons for Opting for Curtains:


Home Curtains

  • Curtains tend to beautify a room to a large extent, adding elegance and class. You have a luxurious feel and look to the space these curtains are hung in.
  • You have a wide choice available in colors, materials, styles and designs of your home curtains. It is easy to choose one in accordance to your requirement and preference.
  • They can make a difference to the temperature of your home and add to the comfort. You find a room tends to get a few degrees cooler during summers with the right choice in curtains.
  • As compared to blinds, it is easier changing curtains. This does not take much time and also does not involve much labor.

Different types of curtains require being hung in a different manner. You need a curtain rod for curtains which have tabs, loops or rings. The cased heading curtains or the box pleated curtains are more on the formal side and require curtain tape running on the track base.