Landscaping is an art. When I say this, I am not being poetic or making an overstatement. When you have a garden and you want to beautify it, you need as many landscaping ideas as you can imagine. Smart landscaping has the ability to beautify your lawn and garden and thereby boost the curb appeal of your property. Also, most people have the perception that one needs to break the bank to get a perfect landscaping in their property. But that is not true. If you have great ideas, you can add as much colour, functionality, and texture as much you want and that too within your budget. Before you start brainstorming for landscaping ideas, here are a few basic tips that will help you to get the desired result of landscaping.

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Tip-1: Plan for A Look That is Maintained all Year Round:

While you are planning to do landscaping, take into consideration the year round weather conditions of the place  you live in. You do not want your garden to  look lush and blooming in spring and then go barren for the rest of the year. So, it is advisable that you choose evergreen shrubs and plants that bloom all year long. You can also choose blooming flowers that bloom in various seasons and get a different look every 4 months due to different flowers. A green landscape gives a pleasing curb appeal all year round.

Tip-2: Make a List of Things Necessarily Needed in Your Landscaping:

Every property has varying landscaping requirements like a house would need a separate space for relaxation and even a play space for kids. Some may want to set up garden chairs and some may want a barbeque set-up. Decide whether you would be growing vegetables. Decide all the features beforehand so that you get a clear idea of what your needs are. This will enable you to get better ideas and thus you can get  a perfect vision of your landscaping goals. You can also create a rough map deciding the locations of all the small as well as large features.

Tip-3: Focus on Locating the Patio Position First:

This is the first and the foremost decision to take – Where will the patio shade be placed? Study the wind and the sun pattern around your property for that. For example, if you place the patio on the west side of the house, it would get extremely hot in the afternoon and that would make the patio far from relaxing during summer afternoons. Also, if you place the patio in the direction of the wind, you would spend half of your relaxing patio times in reigniting the fire pit. So, ensure that you take these things into consideration before finalising the patio location and only then start with the landscaping project.



Tip-4: Pick a Suitable Focal Point:

An appealing landscaping design is the one which is has a defined focal point. So, pick a focal point and start planning around it. Also, picking a focal point and working around it makes it easier to plan and design. There cannot be a precise appeal without a well-defined focal point. Many homeowners create a circular point with a tree and flowery shrubs surrounding it. Same even install a statue or a fountain. Also, focus on the spacing and scale. Spacing is vital in landscaping. No matter of beautifying instalments can cover up improper spacing.

After all these tips, keep in mind that you need to be open to change. Unless you open up your mind and explore various aspects of landscaping, you may not succeed in getting the desired curb appeal.