A person who is adept at working with the keys and locks is called a locksmith. The profession carried out by locksmiths is called locksmithing. Usually, a good locksmith can fix locks that are broken. Also, he holds an extraordinary ability to install an alarm system to the houses and make duplicate keys. In almost every country, locksmiths follow a certain set of stringent rules. In few countries, locksmiths usually start off as apprentices and then are required to gain an educational degree certificate from a university or college.

Other than replacing or opening locks, there are many other types of services offered by a locksmith. Also, it takes several years for a locksmith to become an expert in this profession. Usually, a locksmith works out of a mobile service shop, receive customer calls, and travel to the site of the customer. They can help customers to unlock jammed locks, replace locks when the user loses the keys, or the keys are broken. Usually, an expert locksmith can easily enter into complicated safes and have deep knowledge of many commercial and domestic security systems.


An experienced locksmith works with euro cylinders for various kinds of uPVC door locks, Mortice locks, and Chubb locks for all sorts of wooden doors. The other areas that locksmiths work on include auto locksmithing and access controls. However, these areas require specialized training for the locksmiths to work on them.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Locksmith

During emergencies related to locks, locksmiths are a boon. They can handle any issue that is related to locks. However, there are certain factors that one should consider before hiring the right locksmith. Some of these factors include-

  • Reliability: This is probably the most important factor that is considered when hiring a locksmith. This is true especially when the user has moved to a new house or apartment and is looking to replace the locks. The owner will think twice before hiring someone with a questionable reliability factor. Hence, it is ubiquitous to find house owners hire locksmiths from reputed agencies.
  • Availability: The second most important factor is the availability of the locksmith. Most of the times, lock emergencies occur at the oddest times of the day. Hence, the locksmith should be readily available when the user faces the problem. This is one reason why a user always calls a locksmith who is close to his/her house. It ensures that a locksmith need not travel too far to reach the customer.
  • Budget: Sometimes it is good for the customer to prepare a budget and stick to it when it comes to hiring a locksmith. Some people go overboard on attaching importance to the price of the services. Sometimes focusing only on low prices will result in substandard work because there are many fake locksmiths in the market who charge very less when compared to the other well-qualified locksmiths.

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All the factors mentioned above are the experiences and suggestions made by experts. However, the list of factors above cannot guarantee a fool-proof process when it comes to hiring a reliable locksmith. Sometimes the user should go with his/her intuition. It works!.

Almost every locksmith should be able to tackle any kind of problem related to locks. However, it is better for the users to maintain additional duplicate copies of the keys for future emergencies. If the house was burgled in the past, the locksmith should suggest an installation of extra locks in the house. Also, some experts recommend that the entire set of locks should be changed in the case of robbery in the past.