Colorbond steel gutters have made gutter installation and maintenance easier than ever. There are great reasons for you to choose Colorbond steel over other gutter materials like aluminum, copper, plastic, cast iron and vinyl. Here are the main reasons that make this material apt for gutters and downspouts.

High Environmental Resistance

  • Environment and climate are the prime factors when you are choosing a gutter material and design. The material should be able to withstand the weather in your place. While plastic and vinyl may succumb to cold weather after a few years, and copper may lose its color with exposure to humidity and sunshine after a few months, colorbond steel won’t. Neither would it rust, nor would it lose its color, and also it won’t be affected by temperature.
  • The use of galvanized steel has been popular for decades already for the non-corrosive treatment the steel gets, and the way it sustains the water and air corrosion. But this technology is far beyond galvanizing. Such corrosion resistant layers are patented over the steel surface, that neither water, nor the heat and cold, and not even the sun’s glare can damage it with time. It can sustain while bracing all the nature’s elements, as the ideal gutter is supposed to do.


What are the Benefits of Colorbond Steel Gutters?

#1. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of steel gutters is way easier than materials like copper and plastic which may easily get corroded and receives scratches. The Colorbond gutters are much high quality. Therefore, whether you wash and clean them frequently or seldom, they won’t be affected. Frequent cleaning won’t corrode, or abrade the surface, and again very seldom cleaning also won’t let the leaf mulch, and soil debris or mildew to affect the metal surface.

#2. Easy to Match with Building Color and Roof 

Colorbond steel is famous not just for the high quality, durability and corrosion resistance, but for the finish and styling too. The aesthetics of the house or property is questioned when you install a gutter which does not match with the roofing, and also with the wall paint or tile colors. But with colorbond gutters it’s not the case. You can matchup the color with the property exteriors easily, as you get a nice brochure to choose colors from. The steel is cured with shades that would go with many combinations, and the most commonly used color patterns are replicated in steel finish.

Colorbond GutteringColorbond Guttering

#3. Great ROI

Return on Investment is one of the main reasons you would take interest in colorbond steel. Definitely you would not like to install a gutter, which will bring on added expenses, or recurring expenses with it every few months or years. Expenses like maintenance and cleaning is okay, as this is the rule of the thumb to keep the gutter is great condition and working. But you can avoid fading of colors, discoloration, loose and leaking joints, premature repairs of cracks etc, growth of molds and mildew on places in case you are late with the cleaning regimen and many such problems, when you use high quality colorbond gutters for rain water drainage management in your property.

#4. Made to Handle Extremes

The colorbond steel gutters and downspouts are made to handle temperature extremes.  The steel can handle high sunshine too. This can withstand humidity, snow, and rain at extremes too. The colorbond guttering are made to handle extremes of all sorts. All you have to ensure you clean the mulch and soil, twigs etc from it often, so that the gutter does not sag under the pressure of the accumulated dirt, and loosen from joints.

Well cleaned colorbond steel gutters need nothing else to go on and on while keeping the aesthetics of the property intact.