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In construction areas, mini-mix concrete is a common and preferable material used owing to its various advantages. This freshly mixed concrete is transported in special mini mix concrete in-transit mixers mounted on a truck. These trucks are so conveniently sized that homeowners prefer hiring them for using fresh concrete for remodeling procedures on paths and drives, garden slabs and patios, garden edging, footings and post holes, and so on.

Concrete Suppliers

Concrete Suppliers

Areas of Home Where Mini-Mix Concrete Can Be Used 

#1. Pathway and Drive

Remodeling the driveway or pathway of your house lined by weed or cracked surface with a high quality mini-mix concrete can play a huge role in improving its appearance as well as functionality. Choose a mix that is able to withstand cold weather for added practicality. A concrete driveway is also a useful and practical choice for those areas, which have the highest number of footfall, such as garden pathway of driveways.

#2. Garage

In addition to driveways, a garage is another feature which can be remodeled with mini-mix concrete. You may even use it to lay foundation for an extension of your house over the garage for more space. The garage can be made stronger by using high quality mini mix concrete.

#3. Garden Wall

You can also use mini-mix concrete to create a wall for your garden or lawn and thus ensure privacy and safety for your family. The wall would provide the garden with a separate space where your children or pets can play and spend time, while ensuring security.

#4. Sun Lounge

A sun lounge is a great feature for a home which can be used for leisurely evenings, as a playroom, or even a dining room. You can thus use a cost-effective method of mini-mix concrete to create an extended space in your house.

Advantages of Using Mini-Mix Concrete


Premix Concrete

Instead of experimenting with the proportions of different materials, mini-mix concrete offers for an easy and durable mixture that can be used in any property and construction areas with the help of mini-mix companies. The various advantages of using such a concrete over others are as follows:

  • It can be tailor-made according to the combination of materials one requires for a specific project or area.
  • Since a specific amount is made, there is no need for storage facilities for excess materials and mixture.
  • The concrete mixers ensure timely deliveries to all kinds of areas.
  • Wastage and consumption of cement is reduced by producing only a specific amount as required.
  • Mini-mix concrete requires very less time to be produced and thus ensure the construction process is carried out speedily.

Proper utilization of raw materials are ensured while using mini mix concrete: 

  • Since production of mixture is fast, the mixing companies ensure timely delivery of mixture.
  • Since there is no wastage of cement, the mixture is pollution-free and minimizes negative effect on environment.
  • The concrete is manufactured using quality raw material and under controlled conditions thereby making them a favorable option.
  • There is also higher efficiency in the production process as the dependency on labor is less and the chance of human error is considerably reduced.

While contacting a company for such mini-mix concrete for your home improvement and remodeling procedures, make sure that you hire one that is reliable and reputed in the field and uses good quality raw material only. The quality of the concrete is important as it will play the role of a foundation and thus needs to be sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. At the same time, the experience of the company is also an essential factor to consider, before you assign the task of using mini mix concrete.