A true craftsman knows the value of seamless options in joinery. It is not just about joining two pieces of wood in an effective way, but also to deal with various types of woodworking challenges. Those who are not aware of everything of joinery do not know what is the best way to joint two pieces is and the different types of joineries.


Wood joinery is available in many different shapes. Some of them seem easy to attempt, while the other are not everyone’s cup of tea. But overall, joinery is a complicated process that requires understanding about the term and how various types of joinery work. Here are some types of joinery that are of particular interest for many:

#1. Basic Butt Joint: The most common type of joint, basic butt joint is a process where but wooden piece is butted into another at an accurate angle. As it is a common joint type, this joint form is used in almost every construction site. 

#2. Mitered Butt Joint: Being different from basic butt joint, this one involves butting of one piece of wood into another at an angle. What makes it different from the first type is that the end grain of wooden piece cannot be seen here. 

#3. Half-lap Joint: In this, the half of two wood boards are removed and then joined together. This type has been considered as stronger than first two joints. 

#4. Tongue and Groove Joint: Here, two wood pieces are joined together to provide more adjoining surface area to the wood piece.

#5. Mortise and Tenon Joint:  In this type of joint, tenon is formed and mortise is cut. After that, tenon is fixed into mortise. It is considered as the most effective joint technique used from many years.

#6. Biscuit Joint: This method of joint has been used by wood experts to join two boards along the edges. This type has been used to make table tops.

#7. Pocket Joint: The type of joinery includes cutting a slot, forming a hole between two boards, and then joining them with the help of a screw.   

#8. Dado: The joinery type includes a square-grooved slot on board where the second board is fixed to provide grip. Such a joint type has been used to connect plywood.

#9. Rabbet: This one of mostly used in cabinetry, this joint type involves cutting along the edge of a wooden board.

#10. Through Dovetail Joint: One of the best, powerful joinery options, Through Dovetail Joint is a type where dovetails are formed through various machineries. After that, they are joined with another wood piece in a way that makes them strong.

#11. Box Joint: As the name suggests, this type of joinery includes creation of boxes on both the pieces of wood. The boxes are formed in a manner that they could adjust with each other after the formation.


As joinery is a commonly used technique to combine two pieces, it is common in every place. Most of them work on all kinds of architectural and commercial projects. As there’s no shortage of joinery service provider in the region, one should go with someone who believes in providing quality, reliability and cost-effective solutions to customers.

There are some that deal in advanced detail joinery and provide detailed joinery at cost-effective prices. One should research well before getting services of any company and must ensure that they are going to get quality services and products without spending much on them. In addition, they must go with a company that has custom design, manufacture and all kinds of joinery services.