Gardening is an activity of seeding, growing and cultivating plants that come under horticulture. As in gardens, mostly ornamental plants preferred for their flowers and the overall appearance that makes the visual appearance of the garden great. Gardening is also considered as one of the leisure activities for people.


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Gardening comprises of fruit orchards, long boulevard planting, residential yards that have lawns and foundation plantings. Gardening can be specialized with only one plant that can be grown or it can be a large number of different plants, also called mixed planting. However, gardening is likely to involve active participation and somehow is a labor intensive activity, which is distinguishable from farming or forestry.

There is always some kind of preventive maintenance that is required for the garden. Irrespective of the style, a garden maintenance can go a long way in deriving fruitful results for ling term. So there are certain garden chores that can help you to maintain your garden:-

  • General Clean up – You should always make a point to clean your garden twice in a month or every week if possible. As it provides a healthy environment in the garden, leaves and organic debris possible can harbour fungi, bacteria and insects can also breed on dirt. Tree leaves can possibly smother the ground and the plants that are beneath them. So a general clean- up is important garden. However, if you like the birds, garden debris offers shelter and insect food for winter birds and if don’t have much problem with insects or diseases, you can leave some of the surroundings little messy.
  • Pruning the Dead Branches- Prune the dead branches only in the fall as they are likely to get diseased if not pruned on time. You should examine your trees, woody perennials, and shrubs and trim away the dead wood. And immediately remove branches infected by disease or cankers. Also the ones that are damaged by the storm, since broken branches are more prone to disease. You should do pruning in early spring or right after the plant blooms.

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  • Cultivate Vegetable Garden- It is likely that many insects and larvae spend their winters underground, so tilling will expose them to the surface, where they are likely to be eaten by birds or being killed by freezing temperatures. Turning the soil controls harmful soil fungi and diseases. Also tilling the garden soil aerates and speeds up decomposition of organic matter, so compile shredded leaves, manure or glass clippings into the soil for on the spot composting.
  • Use Pests-  Spring season is likely to have its own garden pests as it is the season where the plants reproduce, as many intruders like Japanese beetles, whiteflies, grasshoppers are likely to breed more as compared to your vegetable gardens. These insects are likely to destroy the flower which produces the vegetable. So eliminate unwanted creatures by the use of pesticides as they are no good for your vegetable garden.
  •  Amend your Soil- In order to produce a healthy garden environment; you should do a soil test to examine as to what changes are required to make the soil better in quality and that will yield more fruitful results.
  • Remove unwanted Material- If your plants and shrubs are not in good shape or are diseased; make sure to discard all the fallen leaves as they can turn contagious.