There are good enough reasons to drink almond milk and equally good enough reasons to avoid milk. A prime reason to avoid milk is if you are lactose intolerant. Another reason is that milk causes excess mucus in the body. If you are health conscious you can avoid milk yet enjoy a uniquely delicious taste by switching over to healthier almond milk. This milk does not have any saturated fat and you can easily drink three to four glasses of this milk in a day. Almond milk can increase your muscle stamina, body weight and it can increase your energy level also.


                                  Almond Milk Press

How do you prepare Almond Milk in a Juicer?

100 grams of almonds and an almond milk juicer is all you need to prepare tasty almond milk. You do not have to go out and buy a special juicer for almonds. The cold press juicer you use to prepare fruit or vegetable juices is good enough. At a pinch you can also use a traditional food processor.

  • Soak overnight 100 grams of plain almonds in water.
  • Wash thoroughly the next day. It is better to remove the skin because they are slightly astringent to taste and could mar the color of the milk you extract. However, from the health perspective, the skins contain antioxidants and Vitamin E so you may decide to let them be. The skins contain as many as 20 antioxidants.
  • You can use a cold press juicer as an almond milk juicer. In this case you put the almonds in the feed bin and switch on the juicer and then add water slowly but not too much until all the nuts are processed.
  • You can discard the fibrous portion or use them as additive in confections. Voila, you have a whole glass of fresh, pure, healthy almond milk made using your cold press almond juicer. Strain it through a cloth to remove any pieces that may have slipped through.

                             Cold Pressed Almond Milk

How do you prepare the Almond Milk with a Hand Blender?

You can just as well use a blender at home to make milk from almonds. Soak almonds as above, add just sufficient water and run the hand blender until you have a smooth paste. Once the paste is obtained you add more water and whisk. Let the milk sit in the vessel for some time. Sieve the top liquid through cloth or sieve and you have healthy and tasty drink waiting for you. A glass of plain milk may be fattening but a glass of almond milk prepared in an almond milk juicer actually helps reduce weight gain risks.

  • Using a cold press juicer as your preferred almond milk juicer is recommended. The cold process preserves essential nutrients and also results in better tasting milk. Enjoy the milk plain.
  • It is a great way to start your day. Enhance it with the addition of fruits and honey. It must be remembered that one should not add fruits to normal milk whereas you can do so freely with almond milk.
  • Flavouring it with cocoa or coffee also works fine for some people. Drink it to get instant energy or use it on your face. It is anti-aging and humectants.

Almond milk made using an almond milk juicer helps reduce LDL cholesterol and thus reduces risk of heart disease, especially since the unsaturated fats are combined with high levels of Vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. That’s not all; almond milk from almond milk juicer is quite helpful for diabetics in maintaining blood sugar levels. Almonds reduce the glycemic index of foods, so important for diabetics.  The antioxidants in almond milk also reduce amount of free radicals.