Exposed aggregate is a decorative style of making concrete suitable for garden decor that can be either used for constructing a driveway that is made inside the garden or a sidewalk or decorating the edges of the garden with the use of exposed aggregate. As garden decor, exposed aggregate are visually appealing because random pattern can be created with a variety of colors that go hand in hand with the garden view. The utility is beyond decor, it can also provide you a low maintenance, non slippery surface that is suitable for using it as a driveway, patio as well as walkways.  The exposed aggregate concrete used as a driveway has all the characteristics of a regular concrete in terms strength, durability and resilience.


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More about Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a concrete surface that has aggregate exposed, and the formation takes place by applying a retarder to the surface prior to the settling of the concrete. After that the cement paste is taken off from a certain depth that is required.  The finishing of exposed aggregate is appealing and this uncovers the smooth textured small stones and pebbles that also contribute of making concrete.  In contrast, it can also be designed in a way that the surface is exposed as edgy and rough. Exposed aggregate is a versatile material and it can be place anywhere and its virtual view is always beautiful making uniquely distinct from other decor that are used in the garden.  It provides both beauty and functional utility at comparatively low cost!

Designing Ideas

You can design your garden path with exposed aggregate as these landscape walkways are made very beautiful. These pathways provide a landscape experience as you walk on them.


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You can design your walkway in garden by making your own exposed aggregate walkway.  It is very convenient unlike making a path which requires concretes and laborers. You can personally make your own aggregate walkway without requiring much help. In this, there movies no need to move a lot of earth or dig one. You can personalize it by yourself and all that you need are gravels of different sizes or types or colors depending on your need and choice. And you can design a path and lay exposed aggregate over it. This pebble walkway will add new dimension to your garden and will make your landscape experience turn into reality.

Use it in your Garden

In order to make your garden look more formal, you can use gravel that is uniform in size, or you can look for some river pebbles, chips etc. All that you need to take care is of timings as it plays a critical role in exposed aggregate finish. And all you need to do is not to scrape away the concrete till the time aggregate holds it firmly. Depending on the weather, this stage should be retained for one to two hours. But in order to have better results you should keep it for maximum six hours, so the aggregate is firm enough. And you should not walk over it for a week as concrete is not strengthen and it might hamper the design if any weight comes over it.

Exposed aggregate in gardens can be used inside fountains or the structure of fountain can be designed by exposed aggregate turning it into a concrete form that enhances the decor of the fountain. And exposed aggregate can also be used inside water pathways. There are many ways in which exposed aggregate can used inside and your garden and can be incorporated into many designs to make your garden look uniquely beautiful.