When your loved ones pass away, it is definitely a sad feeling. But you need to make every possible effort to make it a special one. Even the one who has passed away might have had the wish to be remembered forever. There are numerous new ideas that you can go for, but it is important to get top notch Burial Service. Gone are the days when the traditional Burial Services were preferred by people but today there are many appealing ideas which are used by the family members and the relatives.


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Indeed, it is a great way to bid farewell to your dear ones and make sure that people remember them. If you too are looking for some superb ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the lovely ideas that you can choose for the Burial Service.

#1. Memory Pillow – When your loved ones leave you, it is only their memories that will last forever, so a good idea would be to collect their beautiful photos and make a pillow out of it. This is definitely crazy but everyone will love the idea. You can create many pillows and even gift it your dear ones in the memory of the lost one. So your memory pillow can remind people about the loved ones.

#2. Memory Boards – If you have the wooden boards in your home, you can utilize the same in creating lovely photo collage. Gather the best pictures and craft them in an interesting way. You can also create small memory boards and hang them in your house and in rooms. One can hang them in a creative way like from the clothes hanger, balloon etc. So try this as you will really like it.

#3. Crafting your Quote Board – Just before the Burial Service, the family members interested in this option can have their quote boards ready. It is one of the best ways to show your love, respect, and affection for the passed away. The quote boards can be kept as memories or you can also place this at the cremation place. You can write anything you want and showcase your feeling for the lost one. These quotes can be one liner or a sweet message too.


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#4. Attractive Treasures – There are lots of people that bring flowers and bouquets at the time of funeral so rather than throwing them, it will be great if you can dry the flowers and create necklaces and other innovative stuff that can be preserved. This will be something that the passed away person will cherish and you will also find them close to your heart. Why to waste the flowers sent in the memories of the lost one when you can use it in a creative style.

#5. Stone Station – Just like you have the quote boards, similarly you can scribble messages on the stones as well. You can keep these in your homes and keep cherishing the affection for life long. It is not easy to forget the people who have passed away but you can always keep them alive through pictures and messages. So try creating the stone stations which are beautiful, elegant and at the same time worth the effort.

So forget all about the boring things that you used to do at the funeral time but try something special for your loved ones. The close relatives and family friends will definitely love your warm feelings and shower your blessings on you. These messages and pictures are a great way to remember and make them a part of your life forever.