Do you own the latest model of Volkswagen or Toyota? Do you get your car serviced at regular intervals?  Have you been too busy to get your car serviced? Is every weekend just slipping off with other important chores but the servicing of your car? If so, you must know the extreme damage you may be causing to your car. Regular car servicing will not only improve your car’s efficiency but also increase its life.

Car Service Expert

                                    Car Service Expert

Tips on Car Servicing and Maintenance

#1. Check Tire Pressure- This is one task that you can do your own without the help of an expert. You can keep a check on the pressure of the tires time to time. If you think perfect tire pressure hardly matters then you think again. Low tire pressure can affect the stability, alignment and braking system of your vehicle while over inflated tires can turn into a disaster. Tire pressure keeps on changing due to different factors including ambient temperature and minor leaks. Thus, check it at regular intervals and keep it balanced.

#2. Changing Oil and Filters- If you have been postponing the oil and filter change then it is the time to get it done now. For the long term life of your vehicle, it is very important to maintain a regular and clean supply of engine oil and its coolant. Coolant is necessary to avoid the unexpected heat up of the engine. Further, you should change the oil filters at regular intervals. Make sure not to go for the cheapest oil filter and coolant, as you will not get the best quality then.

#3. Check Lights- It is the time to walk around your car and check if the lights are in their perfect condition. You should keep a check on the headlights, high & low beam lights, license plate light and the parking lights. If you have fog lights, check them too. You should also inspect the turn signals and emergency flashers. In case, there is anything wrong with any of these lights, you must not make delays to get it fixed.

Car Servicing

                                         Car Servicing

#4. Fix Windshield Cracks- You will invite a huge trouble if you are driving a car with broken or cracked windshield. Many of you might have ignored it already but you should not. Even if you have a small stone crack or a little bruise on your car’s windshield, just get it fixed, at the earliest. Since a small crack can turn into a bigger problem later and can cost you higher, you should not overlook the same.

Result of skipping Car Servicing

If you think that you can ride your car smooth without proper servicing then certainly, you are deceiving yourself. Usually, a car service will cost you some money but if you are not particular about getting your car serviced then you may end up spending more cash. Ignoring your car’s engine can result in replacing it along with a new cylinder head gasket; will cost you a hefty amount.

On the other hand, replacing radiators and water pump will cost you less than 20% of what you would spend on your engine. It is sure that you do not want to burn your pocket by bearing all these expenses. Thus, it is better to get regular car servicing and save your hard-earned money.

For any major car issues, you must always call the experts. Since they have experience and right knowledge of it all, they will handle it.