The tree roots infestation could be a huge problem, and if this prolongs then probably you would need to replace your drainpipes due to the damage that it creates. This can be avoided by keeping them away from the plumbing system of your house. But, how can this be achieved or what are the various ways that you can follow to prevent tree roots blocking drain? If you are struggling with the same question then worry no more, as this article will focus on the importance of drain cleaning and how the tree root infestation can be avoided.

Tree Roots Blocking Drain

Tree Roots Blocking Drain

Well, to address this problem in an effective manner there are four simple ways that you can utilize and they are,

#1. Understand the Methods of Root Control

It’s natural that trees tend to grow into sewers and so end up in damaging the entire system, and if this happens then you are left with no other option rather than replacing them. The trick here is to understand the methods of control before the problem occurs. For doing so, there are a certain important tips that you need to look after and they are.

  • Area where the drain pipe is located: When you are constructing a new drainage system then it is wise to install them away from trees or cut down the trees beforehand, so that they do not turn out to be a major issue later on. So, the first method of control is to analyze the area where drain pipe is or will be present.
  • Have a barrier between drainpipes and trees: Another amazing way to prevent tree roots blocking drain is by installing a barrier between them. The best way in which you can do this is by hiring a contractor which specializes in the same; so that they can effective create a barrier between them.
  • Plant trees away from the pipes: When you are into gardening or want to plant trees near your property so as to enhance its aesthetic appeal then the trick here is to make sure that  plant you them away from the sewage system.
Tree Root in Drain Pipe

Tree Root in Drain Pipe

#2. Cut the Roots Mechanically

The second way is to cut down the roots of trees mechanically with the help of professional graded equipments. Experts consider this to be one of the best ways, where all you have to do is discover the best professional near you and then you can leave the rest onto them. They will eradicate the traces of tree roots blocking drain so that it does not affect the drain system ever again.

#3. Dig Up the Excess Tree Roots

There are times when homeowners do not want to affect their trees neither they want it to damage their drainage system. Under such circumstances, it will be a great idea to dig up the invasive roots before they reach the system or affect the drainpipes. However, it is a complex process that can only be handled by a professional as there are several advance equipments required for it such as a camera to see the distance from roots to the pipes and then a digger to remove the roots precisely.

#4. Chemically Removing the Tree Roots

Chemical control is yet another good way, where chemicals tend to kill the roots so that they do not reach or block the drain system. One of the most common options includes copper sulfate that is non-septic and safe for municipal waste.

There you have it! When you want to prevent tree roots blocking drain in a simple and effective way, then the aforementioned 4 methods will help you out.