Concrete is as aesthetic as wood and bricks and can create beautiful architecture of the house or any other property that needs a little more polish and look. IF own a house or are about to possess one, things like decoration, value enhancement, consolidation of properties are something that needs to be pondered seriously. Having a solid and attractive swimming pool, sidewalks or front garden borders means defining the house with thoughtful shapes and architectural design. Using modern concreting methods implemented by property development and refurbishment companies, you can carve a concrete palace out of your original house.

Decorative concrete alters the original look of your house especially its outdoors and indoor flooring and transforms the elegance of everything you step on. In addition to boosting the actual charm of the house, decorative concrete structures also allow you to increase the usability and value of the property. With that said, it is obvious that you will tend to spend as much time with your outdoor concrete bodies as you will inside the house, walking, sitting or relaxing.

Concrete Contractors Aspendale

                       Concrete Contractors Aspendale

So the question is, how would you make your property an object of admiration with these decorative concrete? The answer is: with diverse types of spectacular concrete material and styles. Integrating different textures and surfaces through multitudinous treatments and techniques, you can customize the slab to see the structure of your desire.

Stained Concrete

Staining the concrete with certain chemicals is a popular technique used to transform the plain concrete into the one whose design appeals to your eyes more. More suitable for interior applications, stained concreting body is created by taking a well-processed concrete slab and getting it stained to see it in different colors. There are two types of concrete stains: Acid based and water-based or Acrylic stains.

Acid stain produces amazing effect and delivers rich, marble-like color. It requires much caution, though, since it is acid you are working with. It also does not conceal the defects of original concrete.

Water-based or acrylic stains works like a magic and gives evenness in look, which is something acid can’t do. The differentiating factor is its ability to exude into the concrete pores, creating a thin, milky sort of consistency.

Polished Concreting

                                Polished Concreting

Stamped Concrete

Using the most durable material of the world, stamped decorative concrete literally means stamping a pattern or texture into freshly spread concrete. This kind of technique offers you a freedom to even stamp a design on an existing patio. You just have to add a good layer of concrete mixture to it. Overlay mixture can work well to form another design on existing concrete structure. In order to pull this off, the concrete should be wet enough to retain the impression. There are several ways you can achieve colors for stamped concrete. Some of the common, famous colorings are integral colors, antiquing release colors, color hardeners, and tinted sealers.

Polished Concrete

As the name suggests, in this concreting method, a concrete slab is polished until you can see a shiny finish. If it is low maintenance interior flooring you are looking for, polished concrete can be a remedy. The floors you achieve here are lustrous and smooth, and majorly used for warehouses and retail locations. Polished concrete can get extra color with a bit of stains. Integral colors could be a suitable choice for pleasant polished look. This kind of style will require the use of special and expensive tools. When floor loses its polish, it can be reestablished by another process.Because it is outstandingly unique and able to be customized with addition of exposed aggregates and color, it can be a great design choice for your home flooring.

Sealing Concrete

Decorative concrete is meant to beautify the architecture of your house and therefore, it is vital to preserve its beauty and longevity. This is why sealing the concrete needs to be regularly maintained. Keeping the original coat of concrete in mind, a roll-on or spray-on can be applied to seal the whole work. Resealing the patio needs extra care and consideration since wrong or inappropriate sealer will cause a lot of bother and toil while repairing the mess. Sealers act as best concreting solution as it brings out the best of work done by adding the sheen to the surface. It is a protective armor to your concrete floors and stops colors and stains from fading away, accentuating the colors and their natural richness. Concrete that is in its unadulterated form – plain concrete as we call it – can also be sealed to deliver modern and attractive look for better maintenance and resistance.