You may wonder how the commercial juicing machines are different from the home juicers when the end result is to get the juice. The commercial juicers can prepare large volumes of juice in lesser time than home juicers. It is quite obvious to feel tempted to buy the commercial ones. But, there are several things that you need to know before indulging into such decisions. It is not like you look at the price, find it affordable and purchase it. The quality of the blades of the juicer, the body and the storage capacity as well as the power consumption by the machine are important factors which you must consider when you decide to buy the cold pressed commercial juicers.

Commercial Cold Press Juicer

                          Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Things You Need To Know About The Commercial Juicing Machines:

#1. How Much Space It Occupies In Your Shop Or Stall?

The commercial juicing machines are way powerful and sturdier than the regular home juicers. This is because they have motor and body construction heavier than the household one. Hence, you will have to think about the place where you can set it up. Is there a bar at your house or a corner empty to place the floor-standing model? It is not like any countertop unit that you bring home and then make the placing arrangement.

#2. Does The Juicer Blend The Fruit Or The Vegetable Pulp In A Universal Manner?

There are variations even within the commercial juicing machines. When you look at any particular model, you will have to enquire about its performance. Ask the sales executive on how quickly the juicer can get your particular volume of juice. This will be of great help when you host a party or have an event organized. It is also important that you know about the quality of juice the machine presses out. With the juice comes the pulp and you should know how often you need to empty its pulp collector.

Commercial Fruit Juice Machine

                          Commercial Fruit Juice Machine

#3. Checking The Warranty On The Product Is Important:

Usually, the commercial juicing machines will come with a warranty period from 5 to 15. It depends on the brand that you choose to buy. Make sure you go for the one that has a maximum warranty period. The longer the better, as you can get any issues in the machine fixed easily. Furthermore, if there are any damages in the machine, you can get them replaced for free or at minimal costs from the company. You will not have to hunt for its spare parts or original servicing centers when the machine breaks down.

#4. Go For Those Juicer Designs Which Are Easy To Operate:

Once you have checked on the essential features, you can move to the look and design of the commercial juicing machines. If you have a bar and regularly host parties, then you will need a sleek and cool looking machine. Be it a worktop machine or freestanding one on the floor, the model should add to space. For this, you will have to do some research about the different models of juicing machine that different brands have to offer. However, do not go overboard with the looks that you compromise on the essential features like performance and maintenance.

Finally, when you decide to buy the commercial juicing machines, you must consider the cost of the machines. The cost of the commercial juicing machines depends on its features. You will find the price starting around $500 to thousand dollars. If you have set a budget and cannot stretch it then you should look out for sales. Or you can simply choose the machines that offer you the option of easy payment in installments.