Audi is a German manufacturer, who has taken market by storm using excellent technology, designs and engineering in their automobiles. Their technology is not only up to date but also a combination of both sturdy yet sensitive. To keep the precious Audi running on road regular servicing and maintenance is essential. Being an expensive car the service and maintenance is equally expensive and to maintain it, genuine and exclusive packages are offered by the servicing company and they also sell genuine Audi parts.

It is wise to follow the Audi service schedules to let the Audi perform like an Audi. These services are a great way to protect the precious vehicles from unnecessary breakdowns and wear and tear. It is recommended to take the car to authorized service centre only because of the technologically advanced machinery fitted in the car requires proper tools, equipments and highly trained specialist to maintain the vehicle safely and reliably.

Audi Car Service

                                     Audi Car Service

Audi being a car with a difference, its regular servicing ensures that the car is in good condition which also enhances its future resale value while simultaneously increase the longevity of its machinery etc. The general question that comes up is how often Audi should be serviced? The reason behind the doubt crops us for a simple reason, the car is expensive so will the servicing and maintenance be. In actuality the servicing depends upon the driving style and the type of service schedule opted by the user. Audi offers two types of servicing options:

Fixed service schedule; this schedule is recommended in case of city driving, short journeys with a mileage of 10000 or less per annum. The service also offers

  • Oil change fixed at mileage of 9000 per annum
  • Fixed inspection at 19000 mileage every 2 years

Flexible service schedule; is done at a mileage of 10000 or less per annum. With flexibility servicing option they are done as per users’ choices using the car for hard core long distance driving or rough roads or motorways. The service also includes oil change and fixed inspection both at 19000 mileages every 2 years.

Audi Mechanic Richmond

                                Audi Mechanic Richmond

The frequency of servicing increases irrespective of mileage in case the car is used for unconditional driving style like heavy acceleration and braking etc or heavy engine loading conditions like mountain driving etc. Audi is not just a car it’s a driving experience and to maintain the excellent experience they have launched a digital service schedule in their cars manufactured since 2012 where the entire service history is digitally recorded and is available instantly on request.  Advantages of which are:

  • Access to the Audi service history at any service centre
  • Security verification code provided during purchase or sale of the car
  • Protection against forgery
  • Protection of warranty

Audi is a high end expensive car therefore it is essential to get it serviced from the best service centers authorized to conduct a check on the car while keeping the sensitivity of technology on the priority.  While purchasing the car service plans are discussed with the customers in advance only to maintain the integrity and the superb performance of the car. These service plans are quiet economical and promises to protect the investment in the car for the years to come.  Getting Audi serviced from the best authorized centers help save unnecessary future expenses while maintaining the high resale value. The service plans offer:

  • Absolute convenience
  • Servicing by trained technicians and engineers
  • Audi genuine parts used in case of replacement
  • Easy transfer of service plans to new owner
  • Affordable and flexible

Considering the convenience provided by the manufacturer, it will be futile to let go of such offers by the best Audi service centers.