The best family vacation memories come from the quality time spent together. The pop top caravan is certainly a great option to enjoy the road trips, camping, open air cooking, sleeping in the tents etc. In fact, no matter how tight your budget is, it offers a perfect getaway to have fun with your family members. Be it children or your pets, you can make the most of the journey in the caravan. The major concern while buying such vehicles is the budget. However, there are several dealers who offer a second hand or used pop top caravans at the best rates.

Pop Top Caravan

                                     Pop Top Caravan

What are the things to consider when you buy a Pop Top Caravan?

  • Not just from the inside and outside but also from the roof to the base, make sure you look out for any signs of rusting.
  • Even the smallest spot can cost you a lot in the future. This is the greatest problem that majority of the caravan owners complain about.
  • Also, chances are that the rusted part might be a bit larger and has been covered up by the dealer. Hence, you need to be cautious about checking for any signs of rust.

Check for a Damp Atmosphere inside the Pop Top Caravan:

When you enter the pop top caravan, make sure you check every berth carefully. See if you smell mustiness in any of the room. This is a clear sign of moisture builds up. When it comes to used vehicles, you should not take any chances especially if any of your family members is allergic to such conditions. The main areas to check for moisture are walls, windows, hatches, and doors. Be extra careful to look out for seeping water or leakage from any part of the vehicle.

Caravan Trip

                                        Caravan Trip

Ensure that the Pop Top Caravan offers you with all basic Facilities:

While you are checking the berths, see if they are decked up with all the essential facilities. Right from the lights or fans to ventilation, everything has to be clean and neat in its appropriate place. If the kitchen is equipped, make sure you check if the stove works, the drawers and cupboards are properly installed and in a condition to be used. You must also check the awnings and the pop top.

What is the Towing Capacity?

Towing majorly depends on the size and the capacity of the driver to handle the vehicle. But when it comes to a used pop top caravan, you need to be extra cautious. Take a test drive to see if you can handle towing the caravan easily. Additionally, check if all the brakes especially the handbrakes function efficiently.

Purchase Formalities:

Always choose to buy pop top caravan from an authorized dealer. It will ensure that you have all the ownership and buying title to the pop top caravan. Even if you are buying a used vehicle, you are entitled to the owner title. This is possible only when the dealer has all the documents in its place.  Hence, make sure the agreement and buying documents are in place before you hand the money to the dealer.

When you are careful about few basic details, buying a used vehicle becomes easier and safer. After buying the vehicle, you should invest some time and money in maintenance of your caravan so that it supports you for a longer time. You can either hire professionals to take care of its servicing or if you can manage it on your own nothing like it.