Off-road caravans are specifically designed for the rough roads. It is true that a normal small wheeled car cannot withstand the harsh surface of desert and stony area. Thus, off road caravans are the best option.

Since off road caravans have all the luxuries and comforts inside it, it has proved to be the most ideal transport for vacation while camping with family & friends. This caravan can save your hundreds of dollars by providing a bedding space, which you would otherwise spend on hiring a room for your overnight stays. As compared to corporate caravan parks, off road caravans can be very cost-effective. Without a doubt, once you have hired or purchased an off-road caravan, you are going to experience the never felt adventurous journey of your life.

Off Road Caravan

                                  Off Road Caravan

Major types of Off-road Caravans

  • Full height Off Road Caravan- The first type of off road caravans is full height caravan. The design and the entire interior of these caravans are built for the off-road purpose only. These caravans have heavy duty bumper bars, 12 volt electrical system all over; wheel size is designed to suit any tow vehicle, off road suspension and has guards around the water tanks. In addition, it has energy efficient LED lighting, tandem axles, better ground clearance, better window seals and stronger cabinet construction. The major benefit of full height off road caravans is that you can enjoy the freedom, in solitary, away from the crowd. Further, it has a great storage space, which allows you to keep anything.
  • Pop top Off Road Caravans- This type of off-road caravan has almost same features as that of full height caravan. However, the difference is with the traveling and storage mode. The top of these caravans is not a hard surface but it is made of vinyl or canvas. The popped top is usually zippered. The best part about these caravans is that they are light in weight and have fly screened windows on all the sides. Thus, if you love airy and open transport then you must choose pop top ones. In addition to this, this caravan has a lower height, which is the biggest advantage. It has a lower center of gravity and reduced wind drag. Pop top caravans are preferred because they save fuel and are easier to handle.
  • Cross-country Caravans- This type of caravan is a kind of customized one. It can be either pop top or full height. This caravan has a raked rear end and is more versatile. Further, the level of ground clearance is much better in this with those improved departure angles. Since it is custom designed, you can choose to have your choice of suspension, wheels and the entire body style. Yes, the cross-country caravans are specialized in crossing stony ridges, glide along the freeway and bear the rough roads. Yes, the price of this caravan is higher than the other two, as it is custom designed.
Family Caravan

                                       Family Caravan

Tips to hire Off Road Caravans

  • Before hiring, make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition. The caravan should comply with all the safety norms.
  • You should check the interiors of the caravan before starting the journey. Check for any broken windows or any damage and inform about it to the owner.
  • It is better to check the prices of different caravan hire services and then only finalize any one.

Choosing the Caravans: No Compromise with the Safety:

  • Caravan frame must be raised so you have your ground clearance.
  • Chassis must be made of steel to avoid corrosion.
  • Sturdy Suspension & electronic stability control, heavy duty tires are a mandate for safe travelling.
  • Mud flaps: When conditions deteriorate and the roads are sloppy, mud flaps demonstrate their importance. Do invest in new mud flaps if your caravans’ has already worn out.
  • Electric Brakes: With bad roads and so many more curves and hair pin bends, reliable braking system ranks high on the ‘to-do’ list.
  • Tow hitch set up is another must have in your caravan.