Caravans have become the trendiest means of transport while travelling longer distances. Most people think to buy or sell the caravan but are unaware about the right process that they need to follow. It may seem to be a challenging task to buy or sell your caravan but if you are armed with right knowledge then it will be a cakewalk for you.

If you wish to put your caravan for sale then you must set a price of it first, depending upon the age, model, service history, condition and demand of the caravan. Then you need to get the cleaning done and advertise your vehicle. It is better to advertise online, as it can speed up the process of selling. On the other hand, if you are a buyer, then you can check the online sites and buy the caravan as per your needs. In both the cases, it is very important to fulfill the paperwork and other documentation.

Caravan and Camping

Caravan and Camping

Documents Required for Purchase and Sale of Caravan

  • Vehicle Registration- If you have planned to buy a caravan then the first step is to check the registration of the vehicle. You must check whether the caravan is written off, stolen or genuinely registered with the state’s authority at present.
  • Other Paperwork- You must acquire the application for transfer of registration form and the original certificate of roadworthiness. Make sure that the certificate is not more than 30 days old at the time of buying. As a proof of ownership and purchase, you can ask for the receipt from the seller. The receipt should contain your name, address, seller’s name and address and the vehicle’s entire details. It should be signed by the seller.
  • Roadworthy Exemption- If caravans are exempted from obtaining a certificate of roadworthiness in your state then you must check it. You can check the list of vehicles exempted from it and the types of transfers where it is applied. After the completion of the entire paperwork, you can go ahead and buy the caravan for sale.
Caravan for Sale Melbourne

Caravan for Sale Melbourne

Tips to Buy Caravan for Sale

  • Firstly, you must decide your purpose of buying a caravan. You must consider whether you wish to travel across those highways or hunting at short stays. It will help you in deciding whether to go for a caravan or a pop top.
  • The size of the caravan is very important. Your tow vehicle must have the capability to tow the caravan. You must also consider the amount of beds and the other facilities that you need in your caravan.
  • Since, it is a little hard to evaluate about the right caravan to buy, you can consider hiring a caravan for a shirt trip. After you have had a trip in the caravan, you will be able to decide clearly about the best buy.
  • Never commit the mistake of buying the caravan that does not suit your tow vehicle. If you will buy that one, you are only going to waste your dollars.

Nonetheless, if any seller compromises with any of the previously mentioned documents and refuses to dispense with them, then you must avoid dealing with them as this will be a hassle for you. Going for professional companies is always a better idea when dealing with caravans for sale. Professional companies are better at refurbishing vehicles, which gives you better bang for your buck. Nevertheless, check for limited warranties. And get reviews online, or your social circle. It is always better to spend some time in research, and short listing trustworthy sellers with new or used caravans.