The term polished concrete applies to that concrete that has been treated with chemicals ground with stone grinding tools so that it becomes fine in appearance. Tools used for grinding the element are usually grits of diamond polishing pads. Furthermore, dyes and stains are often applied on the element to enhance its appearance. Thus, since concrete is treated to look absolutely appealing to the eye, when you lay polished concrete floors in your home, the place is likely to look elegant.

Concrete Floor Maintatance

                        Concrete Floor Maintatance

The Diamond Concrete Polishing Process

This process of polishing concrete involves approximately ten to fifteen steps. Given below are a few points that will help you to get acquainted with the major steps involved in diamond concrete polishing process.

  • The first step involved in the diamond concrete polishing process is beginning the initial grinding with a sixteen to thirty grit diamond and completing the process with a three thousand frit diamond.
  • To get diamond polished concrete floors, the tool used for polishing the element has to be in accordance to the gloss level wanted by you for your home.
  • The major polishing process of the concrete begins when the person polishing it starts using the fifty grit diamond pad. These diamond pads are also known as resin pads.

How to use the Right Variety of the Densifier?

Throughout the process of polishing, the concrete polisher uses a densifier to make the surface of the concrete hard.

  • Out of the various types of densifiers used for making the surface of the concrete hard, the main ones are lithium, potassium, and sodium silicates.
  • Furthermore, to fill up the holes and cracks, or cover imperfections of any sort, that were visible to the naked eyes from the initial grinding step, the polishers use a grouting chemical.
  • Once the grinding process is complete, the concrete is sealed with a natural-look giving sealer, which protects it from oil and fluid stains.
Concrete Floor

                                        Concrete Floor

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floor

When you have polished concrete floors at home you must ensure maintaining them so that they remain glossy.

  • First of all you need to set up a standard cleaning and maintenance schedule for the floors. However, to create or establish a floor cleaning schedule you need to notice the type of traffic the same receives. If the concrete floor area has clockwise foot traffic then you can establish a morning and evening cleaning schedule for it.
  • Second, cleaning the concrete floors regularly is necessary, however, if you do not use the right cleaning equipment and tools for the same, your effort to clean the floors is going to do no good to the floors. Thus, when it comes to cleaning concrete floors, you must use the automatic floor cleaning equipment. By continuously cleaning a single part of the floor for a very long time, you are likely to destroy its polished effect.
  • Last of all, you must avoid using substances like wax on a polished concrete floor as it can cause an irreparable damage to the floor. The major reasons why you need to avoid the application of wax on polished concrete floors is that once the application becomes a few weeks old, the wax will build up and visible to the human eyes.

The glossy effect of the wax will be lost and due to this you will have to remove the wax from the floor. So alongside damaging the actual smooth appearance that polished concrete has, you will have to spend extra effort on removing the wax from the floor.