The best way to lead a healthy life is by consuming cold pressed juices. These juices have the ability to eliminate the deadly diseases without issues from your body and in this way save your life. This type of juice is a very healthy option that will help you to lead a good lifestyle without any diseases. The juices contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are extremely good for your body. Thus, it is a great option for you to choose this option as they are extremely healthy.

Cold Press Juice

Cold Press Juice

What exactly is the Cold Press Technology?

This technology takes the produce and then applies pressure, squeezes and also extracts the juice from the fruits and vegetables. The juice cold pressed is loaded with nutrients that can be absorbed easily by your system. Since no air or heat is used in the making of this juice, it retains most of the nutrients and the living enzymes. When juice cold pressed is compared to other traditional methods like blenders and juices, the heat in them actually cooks the juice and this, in turn, kills all the nutrients. Making juice in the blender or juicer also oxidizes the juice.

On the cold pressed juices, the juices are produced and directly bottled. This means that they are not stored in large containers. This is why the juice can stay fresh and intact with all the nutrients.

The fruits and of course the vegetables are great sources of enzymes, minerals and vitamins, with the cold pressed juices you can get all the nutrients in one bottle. Below mentioned are the benefits of the juice cold pressed:

Health Benefits With Juice

Health Benefits With Juice

#1. No oxidation:

This is known to be one of the most important health benefits of cold pressed juices. Since there is no contact with air, the raw fruits and vegetables undergo very slow oxidation process.

#2. Long lasting Freshness and Shelf Life:

Since the juice does not have preservatives, it can stay fresh for 72 hours and when kept under refrigeration within 0 degrees to 6 degree its shelf life and freshness can go up by more than 10 days. Isn’t it great that without any preservatives, the juices can stay fresh?

#3. No Concentration/ no sugar/ no Pasteurization:

The juice cold pressed is made in a way that you get maximum nutrition and this is the reason why there is no sugar, concentration or pasteurization. Also, there are a few cold pressed juices that do not even have water. Thus, this means that you get the purest and tastiest liquid nutrition.

#4. Nutrient Preservation:

Since the juice is made in a special system that does not generate any heat, thus the naturally occurring nutrients are preserved for a longer time unlike the juices made in juicer or blender.

#5. No high Temperature:

These juices are cold pressed and these are not made using the high temperature. This is what makes them the healthiest and tastiest.

#6. High Pressure Processing:

HPP is the abbreviation for high pressure processing. This is a thing that maintains the nutrients and goodness in the fruits and also the vegetables. This is why these juices are completely safe to drink and all natural. During the high pressure processing procedure, the juice bottles experience a high pressure. In this process, the pathogens cannot survive in the high temperature and so remain deactivated, keeping all the nutrients intact.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are many other health benefits as well that the juice cold pressed offer such as facilitating weight loss, increasing mental alertness, anti-ageing, improving digestion and increase in energy.