Exposed aggregate concrete is nothing but a layer of concrete that sits underneath the surface and is showed-up at times. Since concrete is a very durable and strong stone material, it is widely used while developing buildings and other construction projects. The covered concrete starts to appear when the layer of cement above the concrete is washed away. In modern times, the exposed aggregate is used by the homeowners in their sidewalks, driveways, patios and other areas of the home.

Concrete Driveway

                               Concrete Driveway

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

The usage of exposed aggregate is increased because it offers perfect grip and prevents the incidents of slips & falls. It is mostly preferred in the place with high traffic of public and vehicles. The most captivating feature is that it is very cost effective and will not make a burning hole in your pocket. As compared with other flooring options like marbles and tiles, exposed aggregate concrete could be cost effective. In addition to this, it is very easy to maintain and you will not have to spend much dollars on its maintenance.

Tips to Make Effective Exposed Aggregate

While you are planning to make effective exposed aggregate, there are certain important tips that you need to keep in min. Firstly, you must remember that it is not a very simple task. However, it requires knowledge and skills. Since brushing and washing are considered the safest method, you should use it. For this, you will need to wash the surface that covers the aggregate with water and the broom. Keep on using the broom until the aggregate is exposed. To add on, you can also do it by spraying a chemical surface retarder on the surface right after the placing and finishing. The retarder will avoid setting up the cement and will keep it flexible for a day, so that you are able to clean it. Nonetheless, it is advisable not to use abrasive blasting method, as it can fracture the surface and will not keep the color intensity of the aggregate intact.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

                           Exposed Aggregate Concrete

How to Maintain Exposed Aggregate?

#1. Sealing- The best way to maintain your exposed aggregate is to seal it. If it is sealed by dribbling water onto it then you will not have any issue in maintaining it. Sealing is done in order to prevent water from absorbing. Further, you must ensure to use only high quality of exterior concrete sealer and keep your slab clean before sealing it. The sealer will safeguard the concrete against stains, dusting, abrasion and deicing salts. It will also keep the color of it intact. When choosing a sealant for your exposed aggregate, make sure it can be recoated, is UV resistant, and is oil and grease repellant.

#2. Acid Clean- If at all, your exposed aggregate concrete is stained to the maximum height, you can clean it with acid. For this, you will be required to make a solution by mixing water and muriatic acid. After mixing, you can simply pour it on to the floor and rinse it with broom. However, homeowners should be careful while handling the acid. In case, it comes in your contact with your eyes or skin, you should clean it immediately.

#3. Pressure Washing- This is the simplest step towards maintaining your exposed aggregate concrete. When hosing your slab and sweeping does not work, you can try pressure washing it. It is sure that it will clean the exposed aggregate in the best possible manner.