Are you looking forward to investing in a caravan? Well, is yes then it is a great idea because a caravan can give you some of the most amazing experiences of a holiday either with family or friends. Moreover, you will have the freedom and flexibility to move and stop anywhere and anytime. You will not need to think of transport, food or accommodation when you are travelling on a caravan. However, today you will come across plenty of caravan options with different features and specifications. In the recent years, the popularity of the pop top caravan has increased tremendously, and therefore, you can end up buying this option, as well.

Getting an Idea of These Caravans

Prior to buying any type of caravan, you need to have a proper understanding of these options. The pop top caravan is fully framed with sides, roof and floor. You have the flexibility to raise or lower the roof, as and when you want. You can raise or lower them either with manual handles or with gas operated struts. These are easy to operate, even if you are handling it for the first time you will not face any difficulty.

Pop Top Caravan

                                   Pop Top Caravan

Unique Features and Benefits

One of the main reasons for which these caravans are exceptionally popular is the unique features and characteristics. In fact, you will find that the advantages in these caravans outweigh the disadvantages. Many people view these as heavier, but this will not be a big deal when you consider other benefits.

  • The space available in the pop top caravan is huge. In fact, you will get plenty of options for storage, due to which you can store lots of items while you are on your trip.
  • Whenever it is towed, the amount of wind resistance that it provides is surely low. Consequently, things will be easy for you.
  • Parking these caravans is not a big hassle because you can get lots of space due to its small size.
  • Considering the height of the vehicle, you can safely tow it, whenever the need arises for it.
  • These caravans are available with lots of accessories so that the raising and lowering the roof becomes easy like never before. Consequently, you will end up getting satisfied.

Availability in Varieties

Once you make up your mind to invest in the pop top caravan, you will find them in amazing varieties. Some of these varieties include:

  • The standard version is the most common type that provides all the amenities and features of a standard caravan. You can even get the added benefit of adjusting the height.
  • The expanding version comes with single or double pop-out ends, and it can be easily expanded. The beds can be easily extended, thereby providing more living space without increasing the length of towing.
  • The off-road version of pop top is certainly idea for off-road trips. However, this is the least popular of all the varieties mainly because it can withstand less tear and wear.
  • The camper style looks like full-sized caravan when it is properly set up. Some of these even come with push-out bedding sections.

Therefore, you can easily make a selection from these varieties available.

Looking Into the Maintenance

If you want your pop top caravan to be always in good condition, you need to pay attention to the maintenance aspect. Make sure that the moving parts are free from any type of dust or dirt. You should clean the steel shafts on a regular basis. You can do the maintenance checks by yourself or you can even ask a technician to do it for you.