Having a wide spaced back yard is a privilege that everybody would desire for! However to utilize this space, you required protection from the natural factors like sun, snow or rain. Outdoor shades are easy solution to spend time in your backyard without facing any of mentioned situations. An outdoor shade can be a small little covered area that can save your property from the harsh weather conditions, and at the same time, it can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. If you want to resale your property, then also you can get more benefits if you have the shade installed.

Why need an outdoor shed

  • As discussed earlier, they protect from sun, rain and snow. They provide shade on the sunny day to enjoy the breeze and a cup of tea or coffee in the open! Apart from this, your privacy is also ensured.
  • With variety of colors and patterns available these shades add to the beauty of your home. Also, it adds elegance on your windows.
  • As these shades keep sun rays directly projecting on the walls, they help keeping the temperature of these walls at lower level. It will reflect on your power bills as you will need less time to cool the room with an air conditioner and it will also be maintained for longer durations.
  • They blocks UV rays to protect furniture, carpets and belongings in your house.
  • Some of these shades come with semi transparent property. Therefore they can regulate the natural light in your house instead of completely blocking it. You can also have the option of retracting them whenever needed. This again will save a lot of money by reducing the use of artificial lights during day time.

Choose from different materials for outdoor shades:

The outdoor shades are available in different materials. You can choose a fabric material, concrete, corrugated fiber glass, glass, polycarbonate, bronze, Ferro cement, roofing sheet or PVC. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen based on the type of use.

  • The fabric material can be rolled up or down without damaging the material. Motorizing the folding or rolling of the shade will also add to the comfort. This is the most important and suitable feature of fabric outdoor shades.
  • They can also block about 95% of sun rays. They are most commonly used in restaurants and cafes, where they provide shades for their outdoor spaces because there are customers who would like to enjoy their meals outside the place.
  • But on longer periods, after frequent wetting, they will get moldy and become stiff. It will be difficult to roll them afterwards.
  • PVC shades are light in weight and you can easily mount and dismount them. They also never get damaged by wetting. It is advisable to check the durability and material used in making the shade or awning to avoid frequent changing and spending.
  • Concrete sun shades are used in high-rises for windows and balconies. Metal wires are installed in the walls to make sure that the shades will be stable and maintain its durability. You can also paint them as per your choice.

These shades are available in different sizes, designs and colors. You can always choose a pattern or color to match your wall or other furniture. They are also available as transparent sheet. By using this kind of outdoor shades you can also enjoy natural scenes from surroundings of house, without fear of splashes of rain. Above all, these shades have very little cost compared to the benefits and utilities they provide. The outdoor shades are no longer just a necessity but they have also taken place as a luxury amendment to the house which adds to the exquisiteness.