During warmer months, if you want your children to remain active by going outdoors then having a pool in the backyard can prove to be a great idea. The sad part is that accident may happen if you do not take care of children’s safety. It is better to buy pool fencing because this can protect your children from accidentally drowning. A small child can easily find his or her way to the pool and this can prove to be risky. In Australia, swimming pools need to be fenced properly according to the law.  Below mentioned are some of the things that you need to look at,

  • Look for the fence that can completely cover the nearby pool area. Children are very smart! They find their own way to reach to the pool via the window or doggy door.
  • There should not be any kind of furniture near the fence that children can use to climb the fence. Climb-resistant pool fences can you’re your children safe.
  • Adults should take care of two important things that are to keep a watch on children and should fence the surrounding area of the pool to prevent drowning. Always search for the pool fencing that has no hand holds and foot holds. It is mainly because hand holds and foot holds can assist your children to climb the fence.
  • How should be the gate of your pool fence? Understand that it is important to have the self-closing and the self-latching gate. Latches should be higher from the reach of children.
  • Pool fencing you select should meet the standards set by your country and state. Select the fence that has limited gaps so that toddler cannot squeeze through the fence. Wide gaps are strictly against the fencing standards. As said before, climbing footholds are strictly not allowed.
  • Bars related to fences need to be strong enough so that the child cannot create the gap between bars to get inside the pool. Fencing bars should be created with strong material. As per the legal standards, it should be at least 1.2m high in most states.
  • Understand that law does not restrict you from selecting stylish fencing design. You can adopt the style you want but without compromising the stated legal standards.

Here are few types of pool fencing that you can select to protect your children from entering the pool:

#1. Mesh Pool Fence

Mesh panels are removable and affordable. Therefore, it attracts maximum customers. The best part about this type of fencing is that it is climb resistant. If you are not ready to place the permanent fence, then this type of fencing is the best available option. You can find the manual and also automatic gates as well as locks available with this type of fencing.

#2. Iron Pool Fence

Iron fencing is the one that you use to protect the front yard of your home. It can also be used in the backyard to keep the children away from the poolside. Iron pool fencing is expensive when compared with other types of pool fencing. Different designs and styles can be adopted with such fences. Carrying out the painting task frequently can allow you to successfully maintain such fences.

#3. Aluminum Pool Fence

Aluminum fences are strong and sturdy and they render the iron fences look. These are less expensive, in comparison with the iron pool fences. The best part is that such fencing will not rust or crack. You can select any style, color etc depending on your needs. You can also make use of aluminum tubes, in a horizontal or vertical design.

Apart from these popular types of pool fencing, you can also select other types like vinyl, glass, steel, wood etc. depending on your requirements.