As a car owner you must be aware about the essentials to maintain your car. Only regular care and maintenance will take your car a long way. However, the problem is- not many are aware of these important car servicing and maintenance tips; this lack of knowledge leads to the frequent car issues further adding up to your expenditure. Therefore, to make you a happy, satisfied and confident car owner, here are the basic servicing and maintenance tips that you should never forget for your car.

6 Basic Car Service and Maintenance tips

The care and maintenance of your car should be the first and most important concern from the day you bring your car to the house till the day you use it to the fullest. Great news is that there are just 6 basic tips you need to make a note of and they are:

Read the Owner’s Manual

The moment your dream car is delivered on your doorstep what would you do? Hop on and go for a ride at once? Well, absolutely not. Once you have your car, you need to start your care from scratch. The first thing you need do when the car arrives, is to pay attention towards the owner’s manual, and note the frequent maintenance schedule mentioned in it.

The owner’s manual will provide you a complete overview of each and every component of your car, right from the exterior tiers till brakes, suspension, steering and a lot more. Carefully observe what is mentioned in the manual along with the prescribed examination for the same. This can be extremely helpful when you go for a professional car service centre.

Learn to Inspect Car Fluids

There are several fluids used in your car, which help in optimal functioning. Even if you don’t know how to replace these fluids, it is needed that you understand to examine the level of fluids because with this you can decide whether car servicing is required or not. Though in certain cases, you can verify the tank level in a hassle free manner, but some hold gauges which should be pulled out for checking the current level.

Check Pressure in Tires

It is always advised to purchase a pressure gauge for car owners, as this can help you inspect the pressure of your tires frequently. It is indeed a vital step, as balanced pressure would not only enhance the fuel efficiency of the car but at the same time save your tiers from the possible wear and tear that might occur due to low level of pressure.

Replace Air Filters

If you think that the air filters of your cars have been clogged, then you should replace them at once. This is important as clogged air filters reduce the mileage of your car to almost 15%, affecting its performance and durability too. However, when you are unsure about the appropriate method to replace the air filters, then you can always contact a professional for car servicing and get the job done in no time.

Check Batteries and Clean Contacts

Though batteries do not require frequent care or maintenance, yet it is suggested to check them so as to ensure that there are no so sorts of leaks or mineral buildup present in them. However, if you find them, then you can use a high quality brush for cleaning the battery. In addition to that, you can even have a battery tester that will help you trace the efficiency of your battery.

Never Forget Scheduled Maintenance

The last and the most important tip- never ever forget the scheduled maintenance as mentioned in the owner’s manual. Do ensure to get them on time by a certified car servicing professional.