Concrete Homes are popular amongst people for their durability and cost saving features. These houses need not always look conventional and similar. They can elude a lot of warmth and invite and allure people as a wooden house can. This means such concrete houses can be built in such a manner so as to emulate their wooden counterparts.

When natural calamities happen, it is preferable to construct a house that is able to withstand such unforeseen emergencies. Concrete building systems are replacing wooden frames completely. The exterior structural walls are now durable and long lasting. They can be as beautiful as the wooden traditional ones but be as strong as a fortress can be.

Concrete Homes by Companies – Environment Friendly

It’s an era of global warming where each person is fighting in his or her own caliber to be eco-friendly for the sake of the future generations. Homes naturally have to be eco-friendly. The concrete homes that are undertaken as multi projects on a large scale are environment friendly. Sustainable home construction is the order of the day. These homes by multinational construction companies come with a promise of inculcating green practices into the design and construction of new age homes of large projects.

So what is green building? Well, it is introducing and implementing practices that maximize performance and minimize the wastage of natural resources. It is building an eco-friendly home on the interiors, strong on the exterior front and one that contributes effectively towards conservation of natural resources.

  • These homes optimize energy performance
  • Concrete builds durable structures perennially
  • The materials used for building such structures are recycled ones as far as possible and have been manufactured in local regions only. This leads to conservation if resources in a manifold way.
  • ICFs lead to least wastage and it can be ultimately utilized as insulation fill on the jobsite and recycled at will.
  • This construction using concrete by companies, leads to minimization of mold formation, mildew and other indoor toxins. Hence, this enhances the quality of living.

Cost of Concrete Homes/Companies

Many people feel that a concrete structure is more expensive than a traditional one using conventional materials. However, they are mistaken. When you ultimately factor in life cycle expenses you will find that in the long run, the concrete homes are much more economical than the wooden ones. All these benefits are apart from the benefits of staying in a much healthier and environment friendly house.


  • Long run savings through reduction of wastage and more energy efficient
  • Savings in the monthly heating expenses. This of course depends on the thickness of walls, the climate of the place where you’re staying and the number of doors and windows in your house. The ICF construction is feasible to the installation of smaller heating and cooling devices and equipment which ushers in lesser costs and more savings.
  • Resistance to calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, fire, and earthquake means lesser premiums on insurance policies and more cover which is ultimately a homeowners dream!

Finding the right company to build you a dream concrete place

  • Luxury home plans are available with each construction company that is slated to build you your dream home. Custom made home plans are designed mainly for your benefit. These services allow you to procure exactly what you want on your interiors as well as the exteriors.  They assess the land around and the environment that you stay in, look at your requirements and go on to create your home.
  • Plan Customization process helps you customize and create your special place.