Concrete floors are highly durable for rough use at any part of building. They are mostly used where there is a lot of movement of heavy structures, like in garage flooring, porches, driveways, swimming pools, warehouse floors, car-parks, sidewalks and stairways. However, being porous in nature concrete r absorbs fluid into its surface. If this fluid is water, it will cause concrete to swell up there is heat and shrink during cold. This expansion and shrinkage causes concrete to crack and crumble under pressure. This is frequently seen in areas where there is high level of moisture like in kitchen, bathroom or garden.

  • Cracked concrete gives an old and dirty appearance. It also makes the surface abrasive, which may damage other furniture when moved on the surface.
  • If there is spillage of any chemical on the surface, it leaves its mark and it is very difficult to remove them. The water and other dirt building inside the floor create dirty discolorations and build-up of molds.
  • Unsealed hard surfaces in any home will eventually create a musty and stale odor which can spreads in the house. This can be a cause of annoyance for most property owners, because it takes lot of expense to repair the concrete floor.

How does Concrete Sealing Look like?

Concrete sealing creates a coating on top of the concrete. It blocks all the pores which are present in concrete floors. Therefore other substances, including water, are unable to seep inside the floor. The seal makes concrete impermeable.  Concrete sealing is needed for projects that require concrete floors that are dense and impenetrable. Sealing the surface prevents water and moisture to seeping into the porous concrete. Sealing concrete also prevents water and dirt from getting into the concrete that cause dirty discolorations and build-up of molds and mildew. Unsealed hard surfaces in any home will eventually create a musty and stale odor which can penetrate the whole house.

4 Advantages of Concrete Sealing:

  • It keeps helps to keep the floor clean and healthy. The seal prevents cracking of the floor for long period, which adds to the value of the property.
  • Concrete sealing gives the floor a pristine look. It reduces the cost of painting, polishing or carpet.  Sealers can provide a variety of finishes, like gloss finish, matt finish and even natural finish. It can even rejuvenate the old concrete floors and provides it a new look.
  • Because of the gloss produced, light will be reflected from the floor. Therefore it will also reduce the cost of artificial lightings.
  • This concrete sealing does not need any kind of special disposal. It can be disposed in an ordinary dustbin. As it is water based, it does not cause water, land or air pollution.

Points to Keep in Mind before you Apply Concrete Seal to Your Floor

  • Cleaning: It is necessary to clean all the dirt built up in the floor; otherwise it will be locked in forever under the seal and may spoil the look of the outcome.
  • Personal Protective Measures: It is must to wear full length cloths covering whole body, when you are applying the sealing. Do not forget to wear mast and goggles too. After the work is complete, you should wash the body thoroughly.
  • Selecting Right Sealer: Too glossy sealer may cause the floor to be slippery. Therefore you may need to use anti skid additives.
  • Lifespan of a Sealer- Sealers usually last for about 2-3 years. After that there will be a need of re doing it again. However, the cost of sealing is far less than re doing the whole floor.

It is always advisable to go for concrete sealing professionals who know how to lay concrete floors, and they also give you suggestions on how to maintain these floors.