Many people find it best to restore their old furniture at home rather than buying a new one. In fact, the old wooden antique pieces can outlast even the new ones. Antique furniture restoration is not just an economical solution but it is also done for preserving something that has been with you or your family for ages. There are memories attached to various home décor pieces that are passed down by the elders in a family. However, it can be tough to restore pieces that are delicate and have lasted for years.

What is Antique Furniture Restoration Exactly?

Many people assume that furniture restoration means just restoring or polishing the furniture. However, restoration is an elaborate procedure. Any piece of furniture that has great memory value but is no longer useful can be restored with the help of the professional services. Restoration not just restores the beauty of the furniture but also improves its usefulness. If the wood is damaged or decayed in any part, it will make the furniture unsafe. With the help of a professional restoration service, you can transform the same piece as a home décor piece.

What is the Process of Antique Furniture Restoration?

The aim of any restoration project would be to clean and remove scratches, dings or any scuffs. If the furniture is rotted then this process makes sure that it replaced with a similar one. However, there might be times when the piece is beyond any repair. The restoration process is particularly helpful in such instances. Professionals would take out the old and damaged sections of the furniture and modify the look.

Things You Should Be Careful About the Antique Furniture Restoration

It depends on how the services work on any particular furniture. If you have an ornate piece of furniture with cracks and breaks, then you will need to be patient. At times, it can be challenging for the services to clean and polish it.

When it comes to replacing a section or part of the furniture, it will take some time to find an authentic match.  Only a good professional will be equipped with the right tools and skills to help you with the restoration.

Larger the furniture, longer time it will take to work on its restoration. It might take months to work on the given piece especially if there are sanding and stripping involved. Hence, you need to bear with the time frame that is given to you by the professional.

You will come across several sites on antique furniture restoration. They will claim to guide you with the restoration and polishing process. However, you should not take any risk when it comes to an antique and a very rare piece of furniture. There is a lot of detailing involved in this process which you might not be able to undertake.

The Myths about Antique Furniture Restoration Process

Many people believe that restoration will pull down the value of their furniture. However, it is a misconception that collectors love to have rare furniture with original finish.

Another myth is that if there are any flaws and damages, it will add to the authenticity of the furniture. However, you will need to get in touch with the antique furniture restoration expert for the same. Each piece will be valued differently for different reasons.

Restoration will retain the previous look of the furniture is the biggest myth that does rounds. While the professionals aim to retain its original look, it depends on the condition of the furniture. At times, the entire piece has to be dismantled and transformed into a new look.