Going by new health trend, cold-press juices are considered to be the best because it keeps the nutrients of fresh ingredients intact. It is possible because cold press juice machine first adopt crushing and then pressing technique to yield the juice.

  • It is very easy to use the cold press juice machine all for your kitchen, but you can also use this machine to utilize to your commercial needs, especially if you own a confectionery or a juice centre. In comparison with centrifugal juicers, cold pressed juicers are considered to be less noisy.
  • Taking into account the search report statement, it can be said that juices prepared using cold press juice machine contain more minerals, enzymes as well as vitamins. Fresh fruits, as well as vegetables, are combined together to create healthy juice by using the cold-press technique.
  •  Such machine can allow you to get raw and fresh juice. It is said that maximum amount of nectar is extracted from the fiber and pulp of the fruit and vegetable to make this juice healthy.

How to buy right cold press juice machine?

Here are few things you need to take into account while buying cold press juice machine for your home:

  • Is it easy to use and clean?

The juice machine with cold-press technology you planning to buy should be easy to sue and clean. Search for the right brand by going online. Look for the machine that does not demand too many technical parts that require a lot of assembling. The switch, knob and the pressing technique, along with the method of extracting juice are important factors to consider when you buy a cold press juice machine. At the same time, it is also important to buy a machine that has less power and energy consumption.  Nowadays such machines are available with the auto-cleaning function.

  • Is it possible for the machine to handle different types of fruits, veggies and nuts?

Search for the cold press juice machine that can handle varieties of fruits, and vegetables. It can help you to get the best juice depending on the combinations you want to try related to nuts, fruits and vegetables. Augers present in such juicer should be durable and should be able to handle sturdy vegetables like carrots and beetroots. Good juicer machine will also handle leafy vegetables successfully.

  • Is it possible to get the best juice quality?

The juicer you planning to buy that supports cold-press technique should be able to offer you with good quality of juice. Juicer you planning to buy should offer juice with high nutrition value and should be successfully able to yield the dry pulp. There are certain machines which give out juice but that tastes very different from the actual fruit or pulp that you actually put in. go for juicers that can blend and give the exact flavors for nuts, milk, fruits, and vegetables.  It is stated that, in comparison with the conventional machines, such juicers can offer you with almost more than 30 to 35% of juice quantity.

Cold pressed juicers can also be named as slow juicers and it can allow you to gain maximum nutrient retention. Are you very much fond of green juice? If yes, then such juicers work great with leafy vegetables. With such juicers, you can find it easy to make cashew and almond milk. These types of juicers have high ability to process leafy vegetables and nuts. These juicers are not as loud as blenders. While taking out the juice, you can hear the outside noise or television voice easily.