In case you are a first time buyer for off road caravans, and then the variety of options available in the market might confuse you. These caravans are not different from the others, thus, you might get more confused while buying. There is one thing that separates this kind of caravan from the others is that they are made in a way that can handle desert tracks, unsealed roads and bushes very well. Apart from the recent luxury additions that are made to the caravans, you can also look forward to customizing the options as and when you require. This you can do according to your budget, and according to the number of family members that are to be accommodated inside the caravan.

What are the modifications that you can make to the caravan?

Below mentioned is the list of modifications that you can make to a full height caravan:

  • Large water tanks
  • Sturdy cabinets
  • Off-road suspension
  • Ground clearance
  • Tandem axels
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Rear view mirrors at a better angle

Which size Caravan should you buy?

The primary thing that makes your decision simple is to know your requirements and budget. You need to determine the number of people sleeping in the caravan. Not just this, but it is also important for you to know the towing capacity of the off road caravans. Generally if the caravan is too large, then you might face problems in towing it especially if the space available is too small.

Tips That You Need To Keep In Mind While Looking Out For the Off Road Caravans

Ask the sales executive whether the vehicle is specifically designed for off roads. Ask the person to show you all the features so that you know everything in detail about the vehicle. When you check the features, you can know whether it is made for off road use or not.

  • Apart from the off-road suspension, it is also important to check the materials of the caravan. If the off-road caravans are made of sturdy materials, then they can withstand the pressure of the roads.
  • Check out the A-frame hitch of the off road caravans. In case it is a 50mm ball then the maker is certainly not expecting it to hit the hard yards. Thus, what you need to do is look out for a caravan that has particular off-road hitch. The reason why an off road hitch is important as it is one thing that allows you to take the wide range of movement.
  • Is there are water tap on the A-frame? If yes then the ideal position is on the inside. Even if the tap is on the outside, then ensure that it has a covering.

The Check List That You Need to Consider When Looking Out for the Off Road Caravans:

  • How long are you willing to keep it?
  • How many people would sleep in?
  • Do you need alternate power supply like dual batteries or solar panels?
  • Do you need shower or toilet, on board?
  • Are you going to store a lot of things?
  • Are you planning to carry large items in there?
  • Are you planning to cook inside the caravan?

The above mentioned are a few important tips that you need to consider when buying the off road caravans to make certain that you are buying the right one. Before you begin your search, it is very important that you get answers to the common questions that can help you make the search simple.