The term “funeral ceremony” can be defined as an occasion of remembrance of the life and activities of a person who has just deceased. It allows the family members and friends of a departed individual to reflect their own beliefs and feelings about the person. There can be nothing called a proper or an improper funeral ceremony, as when your loved ones pass away you are not in a mood and position to keep everything in a prim and proper way. But the best you can do is to compare market rates and the affordability of the ceremony, along with arranging the best materials that can be included as part of the funeral.

Keep a Memory Table

Designate a specific table for the observance and place a framed photograph of the deceased individual. Place all the objects that were essential to the person, such as:

  • A pair of glasses
  • A jacket or sweater
  • An item of hobby
  • A precious food item
  • Cherished items, such as the first dollar earned or the autographed song disc

The main idea is to recreate the essence of the person, and allow everyone gathered for the ceremony to get a glimpse into the personality of that individual.

Keep a Simple, Personal Decoration

The decoration should be as simple as possible, and the theme needs to be personal. Do not go for an overly elaborate setting, especially if you do not have the budget for one. The ceremony should be meaningful and personal. It has to mark a difference in the relationship with the departed individual, from a physical one to that which is only based on memories.

Think about the Venue

  • The venue for the funeral ceremony is another important thing to consider. The ceremony can be organized in a garden, burial ground or meeting hall or even in your home.
  • In many cases, the burial ground or graveside can also be used for the ceremony immediately after the funeral service comes to an end.
  • You can also find many chapels and theaters available for use, which are generally options to consider when you expect large numbers of people to gather.

Keep the Speech Ready

If you wish to speak, keep the speech ready beforehand. In case you are not in the mood but need to make a customary speech as a courtesy, keep the words short, simple and precise. There is no need to elaborate things, and betray your deepest emotions during the farewell. It is better to write down a few words in a piece of paper summing up the life of the person and the love and support you expect from his dear ones at the moment of loss. Keep it in your pocket and read it aloud if you fear some mistakes.

Allow others to Speak

  • Keep in mind that although you might be hit the hardest by the loss, everyone in the group has been affected in some way by the departure.
  • Just as you are being assisted in your tough time, you should also support others in their grief and allow them to speak. Share the memories of the deceased one together, and embrace the pain to heal the soul.

A well-planned ceremony helps move past the understanding of physical loss and come to terms with the demise of a loved person. It is all about reconciling the collective pain and grief, and move on with life. Every effort on your part should be at ensuring proper success of the funeral observance of your dear departed one.