Air conditioning is the medium through which the air is cooled and accordingly the space is made comfortable. In a technical term, this is the process through which the properties of air are altered and the conditioned air is distributed to the space occupied such as a building, a house, vehicle, office space etc. This provides thermal comfort and also improves the indoor air quality.

Refrigerated air conditioning

A refrigerated air condition removes the hot air and sent it outside. Air that has been cooled is returned throughout the premise that is intended for the purpose. This whole process is done using refrigerants. Reverse cycle models make heating possible.


  • The refrigerated air conditioning system works well in humid conditions
  • This can work as a cooler and can alternatively sum up as a heater
  • This is best for allergies. It is not very conducive for evaporated units
  • For each unit of electricity that they use, these refrigerated air conditioning systems provide about 1.5 to 3 units of cooling. This is cooling at its best!
  • Some of these systems run on inverters. These inverters are more efficient than single speed refrigerated air systems.


  • The use of refrigerants to produce cool and hot air as the need may be is harmful to the environment. Hence, even though it is very effective, it is not as eco-friendly as its other counterparts are. Evaporative air conditioning is a tad better than the refrigerated counterparts in the matter of being environmentally friendly.
  • The mechanical process in these systems is more complicated; hence, it uses up more energy. It is not energy efficient.
  • These systems are also not economical when it comes to installations, maintenance and electricity costs and so is not popular as the evaporative air conditioning units.
  • These air systems use a closed base. Hence, all the doors and windows must be shut when these systems are operative.

 Types of Refrigerated Air Conditioning

If you have opted for a refrigerated air conditioning, you have the choice of either going for a portable cooling one – window wall unit for single rooms or split cooling system for multiple rooms.

Portable unit

  • This plugs into standard and regular power outlet
  • These are not as energy efficient and so these are not as popular
  • These are conducive for rooms up to 35 m2
  • These are comparatively non economical
  • Separate indoor and outdoor units are present and these are connected by a flexible hose through an open window or door for this purpose.

Window Wall Units

  • As the name suggests , these need a window or a wall to be installed
  • The small units can utilize the power outlets that are present for this purpose
  • Additional wiring may be required for larger units
  • There should be shaded outside coils for such window and wall units
  • These are suitable for cooling in rooms up to 60 m2

Split and Multi Split systems

  •  These require two units. The first one is the compressor unit and the second is the evaporator unit. These are connected by a pipe that uses refrigerants. These are wall mounted generally but if you may prefer these can be ceiling mounted also.
  • When there is more than one evaporator unit used in the process of cooling, the system comes to be known as a multi split system.  This is more like a central air conditioning where individual temperatures cannot be set up in different rooms.
  • These are best for closed areas where there are no windows and doors.
  • These are suitable for the whole house cooling.
  • The indoor operations are very quiet.
  • Comparatively more expensive than their regular counterparts.