Balustrades have been used since ages in offices, homes and generally in most of the buildings. Opting for a balustrade which is not attractive can ruin the total outlook of the building. There are multiple choices in the materials used for balustrades, like wood, stainless steel, chrome, iron or even stone, but it has been found that glass balustrades are fast gaining popularity due to the many benefits they offer. You can always use designed glass balustrades for attractive look to your home, and also to enhance the resale value of your property, and at the same time, these balustrades provide the necessary security if you have children or aged parents at home.

5 benefits of designed glass balustrades for attractive look to your home:

1. Beauty of your home enhanced:

Besides being beautiful, these balustrades offer a better view of the outdoors. Planning to have these for your balcony is ensuring your view is not obstructed like in case of traditional railings. Cleaning and maintaining designed glass balustrades for attractive look to your home is not difficult at all, and you get the ultimate value for your money.

2. The Durability Factor:

There are many people who hesitate about using designed glass balustrades for attractive look to your home as there is a general misconception of this being delicate.  With wooden balustrades there are chances of rotting or being infested by pests, which is not the case with glass. It is also known that glass tends to age slowly which means it lasts longer. Toughened glass is the perfect choice if you want to give a new look to your home decor.

3. Illusion of Space

Opting for glass balustrades is one way to make your home look more spacious and open as these can create a sense of space with no restrictions like the brick or wooden balustrades.

4. Eco-Friendly with little maintenance

Glass balustrades tend to be eco-friendly as the glass which is used can be recycled and it also does not emit substances which are harmful like metal does. The fittings of these balustrades are made of high quality stainless steel or powder coated aluminum. There is no chance of any corrosion and these glass balustrades are eco-friendly.

5. Versatility of the Glass balustrades

Glass is one such material which can be combined with any material and can offer the desired look. This is not so with balustrades made of wood or even metal. You can look for different designs which can blend well with your home and give a luxurious look to the whole setting.

Different choices of Glass Balustrades

  • You have multiple choices like the frameless balustrades which might work out a little more costly as compared to the other ones but you are ensured of the ‘grand’ factor.
  • These frameless balustrades need to be toughened and thus cost that wee bit extra. Think of a glass balustrade which can offer light even to a small dingy office on the top floor and make the same look inviting.
  • It is not essential that you have a modern home to opt for glass balustrades, the different designs makes it possible to use the same even if you are renovating an old home.

Manufacturer of glass balustrade

Since there are multiple options in the designs of these balustrades, you can make sure to look for a manufacturer who can offer multiple choices. This gives you an opportunity to look for the most appropriate one for your home.

Besides this, you can compare the different prices before you opt for a specific manufacturer. This is easy as you find most of the manufacturers listed on line with the details and information required. You can also think of calling them and finding out or probably, e-mail them.