Do you know what exposed aggregate concrete is? It is a unique style to decorate the concrete with a mixture of small stones as well as pebbles. This form is different when compared to the traditional smooth finish surfaces. The old concrete is given a new appearance by this method. Since the look of this surface is amazing, it is not very expensive as most of the people think. There are a lot of people who like these exposed aggregate concrete as their home or office surface. The reason behind this is that it gives a visual interest to the surface, because of the unique variety of designs and colors. Not just the looks but also this kind of concrete is sturdy. This concrete is not very expensive and you can definitely change the entire look of the surface with just a few dollars.

In case you have not heard about the exposed aggregate concrete, then you might be thinking where these can be used. Below mentioned are the areas where the concrete is made use of:

#1 Used in Driveways:

The driveways are most of times complicated; therefore, the outer area must be strong as well as solid, so that it can last for a long period of time. At the driveways, the exposed aggregate concrete is used and the main reason behind this is the flexibility. In most of the countries this kind of concrete is adopted for the driveways.

#2 for Patios:

The patios are generally on the outside area of the house and they are the ones that make great living area. This concrete is mostly used in patios at home and the reason behind this is that the homeowners like the smooth finish it leaves after washing. When you are looking out for the exposed aggregate concrete, you will notice that there are various kinds of finishes available and you can choose the one that suits you the most. As there are a number of options available, you need to consider your preferences as well as demands.

There are a number of people using the exposed aggregate concrete and below mentioned are a few important reasons to it:

Resistant to harsh weather:

This type of concrete is resistant to hard climatic conditions. This is because of the sturdiness it possesses. When the weather conditions are harsh, the concrete undergoes changes and when it is sturdy, it withstands the climatic conditions and if not, then it fails. When you compare with the other kinds of concrete, this one is very strong and can withstand the climatic conditions. In order to increase the durability of the floor, you need to use this type of concrete.

Fewer tools required:

One of the reasons for the popularity of this kind of concrete is that it requires fewer tools as well as materials. After the concrete is mixed, it just has to be laid on the surface to dry. Thus, only a few tools are used and also the materials used are very limited.

Choosing the Colors for Exposed Aggregate Concrete:

The final effect of the surface depends on the color of the stone. The size as well as shape of the concrete will be based on the texture. The stones are available in a variety of colors such as black and green quartz, red gravel, basalt, granite, marble and many more. The variation of this type of concrete mostly depends on the geological source. Thus, the appearance of the concrete can be enhanced with the colors. You can even choose pastel colors in case you are willing to have a light color of the aggregate concrete.

So, using the exposed aggregate concrete for various purposes can offer you many benefits as it is strong and also has resistant properties.