Caravans have come a long way from their humble beginnings. In fact, you will be easily surprised about what a modern caravan can pack. Some premium luxury option can easily put your designer home to shame. However, despite the wide array of choices available out there, it can be tricky to find caravans for sale to fit your budget.

Tips for find best priced caravans for sale that are within your budget

1. Identify your immediate needs first

There are all kinds of caravans for sale out there with all kinds of facilities. However, you would want to have one that fulfills your priorities. For instance, if a shower is of utmost importance to you, you could always compromise on that huge water tank or that impressive solar panel that will help you save energy. You need to make a list of features that are a must-have in your caravan. Once you have got that down, it will be easier to shortlist available options. Moreover, you won’t be paying for features that you could easily do without, which puts you in a good bargaining position.

2. Find a second hand caravan for sale

Often, you can find second-hand caravans in good condition for as low as $750. However, before you loosen your wallet for a second-hand caravan van, you need to pay attention to the following:

A. Dampness- Dampness is the number one killer of caravans, and often times it costs a lot to repair damage from dampness. To be on the safe side, buy a damp meter from the market and check for moisture inside cupboards, boxes, and corners. If you smell a little bit of dampness inside the van then it would be best to back off from the deal. It is not worth the money.

B. Check the chassis and other essentials- Take a thorough look at the mechanicals of the van. Check chassis for rusting, and make sure the hitch mechanism of the van is working correctly. Inspect handbrake, jockey wheel, and suspension too for possible signs of damage.

C. Check for damage in doors and windows too- Replacing bad windows and doors in caravans can be expensive. Moreover, finding doors and windows for old vans that fit can also prove to be really tough. It is important for you to check for cracks and that the doors and windows have an airtight fit. Often, it is better to buy used caravans for sale from dealerships. These are thoroughly inspected and these come with manufacturers’ warranty, which puts you in a safe place.

3. Time your purchase right

Demand for caravan goes up right around the holiday season. It usually goes up in the spring breaks, end of the year, and similar such vacationing days. You will usually have to shell out more during this time. If you want to save a pretty penny, then the beginning of the year is probably a good time to look for caravans for sale. Dealers often get rid of old models at an impressive discount to make way for new vans. While the resale value of your van might take a hit with this strategy, it is still worth it; especially if you intend to keep the van for more than a couple of years.

4. Of course, research

Research is very important when buying caravans. The experience can vary between similar types of caravans from different manufacturers. It isn’t about researching on the internet only. Go to camping parks and talk to people who are actually driving the kind of vans that you want. Try to gauge their experience, pros, and cons, and also make sure to prepare a handy checklist from your conversations. That way, you will be better informed when it comes to loosening your purse strings.