It’s great that you have finally decided to sell your used car. But wait, is the vehicle road worthy? This is the time where roadworthy certificate makes its way. It is a crucial document that certifies- a particular vehicle is efficient to be operated on road. With this, you can sell an amazing vehicle that not only holds the best feature but at the same time is worthy enough to be on roads, attracting numerous potential customers in no time.

However, why should one go for a roadworthy certificate for car? What makes them so important? This article explains it all, as here are the major advantages of having a roadworthy certificate.

Major Benefits of Roadworthy Certificate for Car

There are innumerable benefits of having this certificate for your vehicle, some of them are,

  • Register your vehicle: Everyone is aware that it is not possible to run your vehicle on roads without registering it, as a matter of fact there are several nations which have made it important for vehicle owners to produce roadworthy certificate whenever they are about to register their vehicle.  This step is taken in order to reduce the number of increasing road accidents, allowing roads to be a safer place.
  • Becoming an owner: When you sell your car to someone, they transfer the documents of the car to their name. Here it should be noted that, without a valid roadworthy certificate you cannot transfer the documents to the buyer’s name. Therefore, every buyer prefers those owners who can provide a proof of roadworthiness for their car.
  • Proof of Safety: You know that your vehicle is a safer and worthy option for buyers, but what is the proof for the same? This is where you can count on the roadworthy certificate of your car. This certificate reflects the ability of the car, as inspections for the certification are conducted by professional technicians who do their work with perfection.

How to Obtain Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car?

Now that you realized the importance of this certificate, it is essential to follow three steps that help you in obtaining one for your car.

The first step is to find licensed operators who are regulated to issue roadworthy certificates. These operators have an integral role to play as they carry out a series of checks to make sure whether your car is worthy to function on roads or not. The second step is to perform a complete logbook service of your vehicle to ensure that it is at its best condition. The last step is to go for the certificate test, where the professional examine each and every component of the car in a detailed manner, ranging from the tiers till the braking system, suspension, body rust, steering and many more. If your car fails the test, then you can re-apply for the certificate by repairing and replacing the components as advised by the operator.

Important Facts about Roadworthy Certificate

The roadworthy certificate offered for any vehicle lasts for a period of 60 days and can be renewed before selling the vehicle. This is important because buyers look for those cars whose roadworthy certificate is at least 30 days old and not more than that.

The cost of the roadworthy certificate for your car is not fixed; rather it depends upon various factors like the age of the vehicle and its present condition too. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a reputed company for this job so that you can make the most out of your roadworthy certificate.