It is essential that you give the proper nutrition to your body. The kernels or almond milk press is highly nutritious and is known for having several benefits on the health of the individual.

If you are looking for dairy-free milk substitute, then almond milk press is the best alternative. You might do not like the taste of milk, but when you drink almond milk, you will love to drink it more often because of the amazing taste. Almond milk has become immensely popular among people recently. When you make use of cold press juicer for getting milk from the almonds, the nutrients in the milk stay intact as the juicer uses a slow grinding process for squeezing out liquid and it also does not generate heat.  This keeps the nutrients intact as the enzymes in the milk do not get destroyed.

Health and Nutritional Benefits

You can choose almond milk press over dairy milk if you have a problem in drinking dairy milk. It offers more nutrition to the body than any other dairy milk substitutes like rice milk. People with lactose and soy allergy will find almond milk very tasty, and it will give them nutrition too.

  • It is effective in weight management. If you want to shed extra pounds, then almond milk is the ultimate option. It contains 60 calories per each 8 oz serving size. This works great with people who want to lose weight.
  • Foods low in cholesterol and sodium helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and better heart health. The almond milk is free of cholesterol. It also contains 150mg of potassium in every serving, and this mineral is known for promoting healthy blood pressure.
  • Diabetes is a common problem that almost every person experience. A diabetic person has to make many sacrifices when it comes to eating and drinking. Almond milk contains only 8 grams carbohydrate per serving. Almond milk has a low amount of sugar, which means it has low glycemic nature. Thus, it is easier for the body to digest it and use it as energy. This characteristic of the milk is beneficial for the diabetic people.
  • Almond milk contains 25% of Vitamin D and 30% recommended daily value of calcium. These nutrients are effective in building strong bones in people of all ages. Vitamin D is also effective for improving immunity and function of the cell.
  • When you drink almond milk regularly, you get Vitamin E. This nutrient has antioxidant abilities. Vitamin E is effectual in regulating the health of the skin. You will get a glowing skin with the intake of almond milk on a daily basis.
  • Eyes are the most precious things. You need to drink and eat certain food that gives you proper nutrients for your eyes. Almond milk helps eyes to function properly. It contains Vitamin A which influences the eyes to adjust to differences in light.
  • Almond milk also contains Vitamin B in the form of riboflavin and other nutrients like iron that regulates the muscle.  It helps in growth and provides energy. Iron regulates oxygen absorption.
  • Almond milk helps in digestion process also. It contains one gram of fiber per serving which is essential for healthy digestion.
  • You can carry the milk anywhere as it does not require refrigeration and remains perfect at room temperature.

A Perfect Alternative

When you have the almond milk press available, you do not have to worry about your lactose issue. The milk is easy to make using the cold press juicer, which retains the nutrients perfectly. You will get almost all the nutrients from the almond milk. So stop brooding over the issue that you cannot have milk due to allergy problem. The almond milk is tasty, blood sugar friendly and is ideal for those having lactose allergy. Give it a try to experience the taste of the milk.