All children having hearing sensitivity and also display listening difficulties are ones known to suffer auditory processing assessment. Any difficulty in understanding speech when there is presence of any kind of background noise is also one sign of this.

  • To know whether a child is suffering on the same or not will be easy because here testing is properly carried out well. This session will take approximately 90 minutes and knowing about the child suffering with the same will be easy. This is one complex problem and therefore treating it at the earliest is important.
  • Auditory processing assessment is said to be a term that is used so as to describe something which happens when your brain recognizes also interprets all the sounds that are present around you. As sound travels through the ear it is only heard when the energy that is recognized as sound travels.
  • It is then converted into electrical information which can be interpreted by the brain. It is here that the disorder will come into scenario. Here there will be something which will be adversely affecting the interpretation processing of the complete information.

Problems Faced by the Patients:

Many a times, it can happen that children or people with auditory processing assessment cannot recognize the

subtle differences between sounds and other words. Even if the sounds as well as the pronunciations are clear and loud understanding gets difficult for them and they end up goofing up on things.

  • One question which is generally raised by a lot of people is that what causes APA. The answer to this is that the reason to this is not exactly known as of now. Human communication is a way of taking in information from the outside world processing it with the use of senses and then reacting in a meaningful way.
  • But when one faces this disorder of auditory processing assessment they may struggle to not just understand the speech in the noisy environment but also process all of it.
  • The major issue with APA patients is that they may misunderstand things in a noisy environment, mix up all of it in similar speech sounds and also fail to follow the directions. The verbal instruction in the classroom also becomes difficult for them to understand and thus chances are high that they may not be able to complete the task at school as well as in the house.

Causes: Heredity versus Environment?

There is a lot of expert debate whether this is hereditary or then it is because of the environmental effect. This is mainly because the human auditory system is developed at birth and therefore knowing what affects the child’s auditory system is a big question.

  • Children with faulty sound discrimination will run different words together and thus drop word endings and other un-emphasized syllables while they are speaking.
  • As a parent or guardian you have to know that auditory processing assessment will be a little tricky to diagnose. This is mainly because not all hearing and speech problems can be termed as APA. The only way to diagnose this is a series of tests.
  • It is essential that you always choose a professional doctor to help you in the same. It is because the one who knows about the same very well will also offer you with the best way out.

The best way of treating auditory processing assessment is since childhood with the help of adolescence.  This is done when the auditory pathways stop developing and also sometime later. You have to know that the treatment will include exercises which are target specific. The therapies can include computer assisted software programs and also speech and language therapists. These are some good ways by which you can overcome auditory processing assessment disorder.