One thing that makes caravans highly popular among people is that they are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles. Small caravans are more popular among families who have fewer members, and those who wish to go for a short camping or an expedition. Moreover, it is very easy to tow small caravans, unlike the gigantic ones, they consume less fuel, require less maintenance and they can be protected in a small caravan shed or in a garage. Their storage is easier as compared to bigger models when they are not used. They are much cheaper as compared to others.

The Following Gives Information about Some of the Small Caravans

Teardrop Trailers:

Teardrop trailers are the smallest caravans available in the present market. They are retro and uber-stylish caravans.

  • This kind of trailer is lightweight, compact and streamlined. The sleeping place of this caravan can accommodate two adults. Usually, a basic kitchen is provided in the rear part. The size of teardrop trailer is small, ranging from four feet or one meter to six feet or two meters in width, and eight feet or two meters to ten feet or three meters in length.
  • Their height ranges from four feet or one meter to five feet or two meters. Tires and wheels are generally outside the trailer body. They are covered using fenders.
  • Storage facilities for items such as cloths are provided in the trailer. The area under the hatch outside the trailer in the rear portion is known as a galley and is used for cooking. Lighting facilities are provided. Batteries can be used for supplying electrical power.

Benefits of a Teardrop Trailer:

  • Operating Cost:

These are very light in weight. They can be towed easily behind a four or six cylinder car. They can be cheaper and economical to haul, as compared to the fuel cost for Class A or Class C Motorhome or large travel trailer.

  • Camping Locations:

Large RVs can be damaged by trees; hence, they are usually stuck in barren and flat spots of campgrounds. Since the size of the teardrop trailers is small, they can take full advantage of sites having more scenic beauty.

  • Off-site Storage:

Teardrops are easy to fit inside any garage. On the other hand, off-site storage is required for RVs, and they can be highly expensive.

  • Cost:

It is cheaper to purchase teardrop trailers, as compared to Class A or Class C Motorhomes.

  • Maintenance:

More maintenance is needed for large sized caravans. Teardrops, on the other hand, are fairly simple; hence do not need much maintenance.

Two Berths

For people wishing a more standard type of caravan, a two birth model may be a good option. Although their compatibility is smaller as compared to teardrop trailers, they are quite small. They are more comfortable and practical, since they come with a hob or an oven as well as a fridge.

Folding Caravans

Another kind of small caravans is folding caravans. They have become highly popular over the last several years.

  • They are not very large as compared to a regular trailer when they are folded down. However, when they are unfolded at the campsite, their size becomes similar to a two berth caravan.
  • One of the important advantages that are provided by these caravans is that their maneuvering is simple when one gets to the campsite. Their storage is much easier when they are not used because of their small size.
  • Another advantage provided by these models is that are not easily affected by turbulent storms or crosswinds when towed.

For people having a no-frills attitude, small caravans is an excellent option. These are very affordable and practical. But they may not be as comfortable when compared to a standard model.