Death is certain and unpredictable in everyone’s life. What so called you ‘last journey’ of a person costs thousands or even millions of pound depending on the deceased person wish. It is true that the economic condition of every family is never the same, so they opt for affordable funerals, which can cut down on the extra cost and yet conduct all those rituals which will make them remember their loved one rest in peace.

Alarming Trend in the UK

The worrisome sign is that family members of the UK, donating loved one’s bodies to the health department because they are not able to pay for their funerals. The Human Tissue Authority claims that they received 2000 applications a year about a donation of bodies. The last four years pauper’s funeral cost is increased approximately 30pc.

What is the Current Trend?

The average cost of a funeral in 2014 is 3590 pounds. If the family wants to add flowers, then it will touch 6000 pounds. It is an 80% rise from the 2004 average cost, and now a pauper’s funeral is cost 3702 pounds. The funeral industry is expecting that in 2020 the cost will touch booming 9000 pounds. Most of the people are now looking for an affordable funeral price, which satisfies their needs.

Tips on Choosing a Plan:

A. Write a clear death ‘will’ on the last ceremony and what is going to be done. It is better to opt for minimum rituals.

B. Find a good funeral home and director, which are most suitable for a family.

C. Get the second opinion from family members and friends before choosing a plan

D. Choose the right disposition like burial, cemetery, cremation, etc.

E. List out the Costs detail

F. Read the document carefully and aware of precondition detail. It is where most of the people are getting cheated.

What are the Plans available?

1. Prepaid plans – Customize your own plan.

2. A funeral bond – Special investment bonds for a future funeral expense.

3. Any other prepaid arrangement – Insurance plans.

Prepaid Plan – a Smart way for Affordable Funerals

Judging a funeral cost is like a speculation in the stock market. It’s difficult to come to the conclusion that what is the funeral cost in the future because the rates are skyrocketing. Dependence is a curse. He/she so ensures that the last wishes are met, and no longer need to depend on others. A death can create a lot of stress in a house. Don’t know how people react to it.

Arrange by Yourself:

Suppose a person not interested in all these things. He can arrange his funeral himself. Actually, it costs less than paying a funeral director. The local Cemeteries and Crematorium department will give tips to how to arrange this process. There is a website called Natural Centre gives you how to save money on funerals. It includes coffin charge, burial, cemetery fees, etc.

How do you manage the Cost When a Person doesn’t have any Plan?

The real stress will come when a person doesn’t have any plan and dead certainly. As an individual, it is responsible for everyone around him shows respect on his last journey. This is the time where deceased person’s family and friends can come together and show humanity. A friend can give is a limousine; the catering service can be taken care of someone; few others can arrange flowers and so on.

In brief, the prepaid funerals are practical idea, which can save loving ones from a financial crisis and stress. It is better to do homework before choosing an affordable funeral plan.