Planning to get the outdoor awnings for the beautiful porch of your house? They will certainly lift the look of your home while protecting it from the sun, rain, and terrible weather. Outdoor retractable awnings are a step further when it comes to convenience. You can adjust the levels to determine how bright or shade you would want on your deck. Within the retractable options, you can choose to buy the motorized or manual one. There’s more when it comes to buying the awnings.


You will need perfect measurements of the space where you need to install the outdoor retractable awnings. When it comes to the retractable ones, the way professionals measure them is different. The awnings need to be approximately 6 to 7 feet high from the porch. Hence, the length and the width of the awnings have to be calculated accordingly before buying. If you cannot get precise measurements ask a professional to do it for you. Entire installation and fitting of the awnings depend on the size and dimensions; hence you have to be very careful.

Free Space:

You need to take a good look at the space that is available to you. Most importantly, you need to check the wall where you would want to attach the outdoor retractable awnings. Wall with the windows, wires, chimneys or pipes attached on it are not suitable for awnings. Chances are such things might create problem while the awnings are being mounted. Additionally, running a maintenance or service checks on the awnings or those structures would be difficult.

Manual or Motorized:

Two things are intertwined while deciding on the manual or motorized outdoor retractable awnings. Firstly, it would be your budget as the motorized awnings are expensive than the manual ones. Secondly, how often would you retract the awnings? If you will be retracting very often, then you should get the motorized one as it can be very tedious to use a head crank. Also, if you are choosing a motorized one, go for the remote control system. With a simple remote, you can retract or open the awnings without moving from the relax state you are in.


As compared to the regular awnings, the material used in the outdoor retractable awnings is slightly different. The fabric used has to be breathable and dyed from both the sides so that they look good from either side. It should be weather resistant and should not fade easily in bright or hot conditions. Mildew is the most common problem that people with awnings complain a lot about. Go for the one that is mildew resistant.


Outdoor retractable awnings should have sturdy hardware. The frames, assembly nuts and bolts should be ideally aluminum and stainless steel. They should be powder coated so that the fabric of the awnings does not get stained. It is also important for the frames and the assembly material to be durable and lightweight. Since they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, they have to be rust proof. When you check on these details, you will certainly buy good quality awnings for your home.


Any buyer would check on the guarantee or warranty of the product before buying. You should apply the same logic for the retractable awnings especially for the motorized ones. The frame usually comes with a guarantee of 25 years, while the fabric or material of the awning has 5 years warranty. However, this might vary with the brands and the companies that you look at. A genuinely good company will offer you the warranty on their products.

Prepare a little checklist of all these pointers and things that you specifically want in your outdoor awnings. It will certainly help you find a wonderful awning for your beautiful deck.