Most urban households in the western world and in the developed countries have a swimming pool. Having one’s own swimming pool in front of the house or at the backyard has many advantages. But at the same time, proper precaution and safety measures must be maintained if there are small children or pets at home, so that they do not get drowned into the pool.

  • Not just high end clubs and commercial establishments, home owners also opt for glass pool fencing to give their private pools a classy look. Pool fences that are made of glass can be of two different types-frameless or semi frameless glass, with the former being the most expensive of the two.
  • Although glass pool fences are generally transparent, pool fences in tinted glass are also available. Tinted glass means the outer coatings of the glass are generally given a dark color, such as shades of black, brown, gold, blue or red.
  • You do not always require the help of an interior decorator to decide whether you need a transparent glass pool fence, or a tinted one. Glass pool fences are easy to clean and maintain so they can be the best choice for any home owner.

What are the Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing?

There are many reasons why people prefer strong and durable glass pool fencing for swimming pools. They are as follows:

  • They look more attractive than the traditional steel or aluminum fencing which is generally used in the households.
  • They lend a sleek and modern outlook to the outdoor space.
  • They are affordable because they fall within every customer’s price range.
  • They impart transparency because glass fencing made of toughened glass enables a crystal clear view. This means that parents can keep an eye on small children when they are swimming in the pool, and kids can enjoy a safe swim under supervision of the elders.
  • They are a great way to prevent household pets from doing any kind of nuisance in the pool and making the water dirty.
  • They are versatile and come in various sizes that range from 300 millimeter to 2000 millimeter, thus suitable for every individual’s use.

Additional Tips to Decorate the Poolside:

Installing glass pool fences is not the only way in which a swimming pool can be beautified. Their appeal can be enhanced by installing small potted plants containing ornamental and colorful flowers, herbs and shrubs can be placed all around the swimming pool, if it is round in shape.  If the pool’s shape resembles a rectangle or a square, then potted plants can be kept in all three directions but one, so as not to give rise to any kind of hindrance for the swimmer.

Cleanliness Compliments Aesthetics:

Beautifying the swimming pool comes only second to keeping it clean. A clean pool, filled with water that has been sanitized with chlorine, is essential for a healthy lifestyle. As far as cleanliness is concerned, the glass pool fences can be cleaned with mild soap or water or with a soft brush or cotton cloth. If you hire the pool-fencing professionals, they know how to wipe the pool fences and they also suggest you ways to maintain the glass fences all throughout the year. The joints of the fences must be made of such a material, which is non-corrosive in nature. Moreover, glass pool fencing also retains your privacy to a large extent, so you must take care of it.

Hence, it can be said that installing a glass pool fence at one’s own house can be a great way of giving the pool an all new dimension, aesthetically as well as from the safety point of view.