Home improvement not only includes cleaning and changing of the electrical appliances, curtains, furniture kitchen design or painting the rooms, it also includes garden maintenance services. Moreover, this increases the overall home value and the resale value. In addition, the trees planted in the garden help in reducing carbon-di-oxide, increase oxygen production and prevent pollutants. This also helps the room to stay cooler in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

Benefits of Garden Maintenance Services

  • It prevents fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, which usually attacks the plants in the summer and spring months.
  • It helps in keeping the garden area free from weeds, insects and other pests.
  • It prevents diseases that can affect the crops, fruits and the flowers and other vegetation.
  • Additionally, since the garden is usually located on the exterior part of the home, it is essential to make it look attractive and to leave a lasting impression on your guests. If the bushes and the shrubs are not trimmed on a regular basis, they may spoil the beauty of your garden area.
  • Planting appropriate plants, sculptures and decorative can convert your garden area into a beautiful paradise.

Landscaping the Garden area According to the Seasonal Change:

Use of harsh chemicals and compounds on plants can result in serious issues; therefore; right technique must be used to retain the soil’s mineral and nutritional quality.

  • It can be used for hosting garden parties, cocktail parties, and barbeque and can be used as a picnic spot which can be loved by all age group starting from the children to the elderly adults.
  • A properly maintained garden can be specifically designed for outdoor use. It can be decorated with spectacular outdoor furniture that can be used for various purposes.
  • Gardening can be part of the exercise routine as well as it helps in lowering blood pressure level, stress, anxiety depression, cholesterol and weight.
  • A vegetable garden can help you to consume veggies that are free from pesticides and fertilizers which cannot expect in the local market area.

How to Landscape the Garden Located at the Front Portion of the House?

Since the garden which is located at the front portion of the house is known for providing an entrance to your home, it is important to give it an appealing look. Therefore, the below given steps can help you to perfectly landscape your garden.

  • Make a list of number of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that you want to plant as large number of these species can make the garden look jazzy and less appealing.
  • Design for planting beds that are large enough to accommodate your chosen number of plants and shrubs.
  • To bring in unity and uniformity, repeat the types of plant and shrubs several times.
  • Put the eye catchy plants near the front door to make it a focal point.
  • Curve the pathways as they help in giving the area a more striking look.
  • Plant the evergreen plants and bushes to enhance form and texture all year-round.
  • Use fence or plants to enclose the front courtyard.
  • If you are planning for adding a fountain or other water feature, keep it away from the main door and from near the pathways.
  • Use furniture, lighting and accent plants as a finishing touch.
  • Add same colored flowering plant on the sideways and contrast it with the shrubs. This makes the area more appealing.

However, in order to maintain this, regular watering and caring of these plants are very much required. This will help in making the garden area more attractive.