There is a huge collection of kitchen stone benchtops available in the market, which comes in different colors. You must choose a color carefully, suitable to your kitchen décor. If you are redesigning your kitchen, stone bench tops are available in beautiful design and at an affordable price range.

  • Branded stone tops create an attractive look in the kitchen. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, use stone bench tops because they will give your kitchen a fresh new look. These engineered tops have a beautiful finish with great durability.
  • Kitchen bench tops are horizontal work surface in the kitchen or it is an area where we prepare food. Countertops are available made of different material and each product provides different functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, the primary consideration of choosing kitchen bench tops must be based on durability, functionality, appearance and cost. The cost of counter top varies depending upon the material chosen. The ease of use and durability can increase the cost of material.

About Natural Stone Bench Tops

Natural stone is one of the most commonly used bench top material in a kitchen. The stone surface gives a stunning look to the cooking area. Other stone bench tops can be limestone, soapstone and slate. Limestone is not suitable for kitchen bench tops because it is soft and porous in nature. It will soak up spills and cause staining. Limestone is used in low traffic indoor areas for floorings. One of the most popular options people use remains granite and marble. Now let us have a look why granite and marble is used as kitchen stone bench tops.

Granite as a Firm Material for Making Benchtops:

Granite gives an excellent interior touch, making your kitchen look entirely different. It gives an elegant look with high end and adds value to your kitchen.

  • Granite is highly durable and you can do the rough cooking on the counter top. It will not scratch easily. It provides a natural look and granite counter top will remain free from bacteria and dirt. It remains firm in shape and need fewer repairs.
  • The surface will remain flat and gives you enough space to make perfect cooking. They are heat and cold resistant and you can put hot pans on top of it. Such counter tops can be easily maintained and cleaned, once your cooking is over.

Why do you Choose Marble as a Material for Benchtops?

Marble is a popular material used as a kitchen counter top. Most people prefer them because it provides a beautiful appearance and it makes an excellent kitchen stone bench top material. Marble is quite expensive, but they are long lasting and for hundred of years, it would remain in the same condition. The stone is available in different colors and the finishing process brings out the natural color making the stone glow. They are heat resistant, but it is recommended to place a pot holder before you place a hot pot. Sometimes, hot object when placed can ruin the appearance of marble counter top. They are highly resistant to scratches, breakage and crack.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Stone Benchtops

When you are looking to purchase a bench top for your kitchen you must consider cost, style and level of maintenance required. There can be a huge difference in price among various bench tops available in the market. Materials like marble and granite has to be installed by professionals only. When choosing a bench top, style is a big factor.

Stone material comes in various styles; choose one with a unique finish and which gives a versatile look. Stone surface looks beautiful and luxurious but they must be maintained in the proper way.